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  • Trump Is A BULLY!!!! WAAAAAH!!!!!

    by coldwarrior ( 76 Comments › )
    Filed under Donald Trump, Open thread, Politics, RINOcracy at July 31st, 2017 - 6:00 am

    Well, now that the Russia-aiding-Trump narrative has collapsed, onto the next thing! So what is the Next Big Thing? Well, it seems to be that Trump Is A Bully. Yessir, A BULLY, that is the meme-o-the-week from the left, professional message board trolls, and the nevertrump circle-jerk. He’s a BULLY, that word that has been overused for the past 10 years is now turned on the POTUS. We have been Bully-warned ad nauseaum for years now. One might conclude that ‘Bully’ is the biggest threat to education and healthy young adults EVER!  Millennials FEAR Bullies especially! BULLIES ARE WORSE THAN GLOBAL WARMING!!!!

    Since there is no ‘There’ there in the Russia brouhaha, the BULLY scary-word has been trotted out now that Trump has threatened to take Congress’ health insurance subsidies away so that they have to live like the rest of us.

    See, Obama’s HSS Secretary created these carve-outs to congress for votes for Obamacare. Well, the Secretary giveth, Amen and pass the hat, the Secretary taketh Away! These carve-outs aren’t law anywhere on the books. They are political favors from the Executive that can be removed at any time at the whim of the HHS Secretary or the Boss of the Executive, The POTUS. The bail-outs to the insurance companies are nothing more than life support for this already dead system. The Left is always concerned about sustainability, well, Obamacare in its current form is non-sustainable.

    I spent two hours on Sunday reading the leftyblogs and nevertrumper blogs and papers and am seeing a similarity that can’t be ignored. Trump threatens to take away Congress’ carve-out amd end the bribes to the insurance companies and both the Left and the nevertrumpers HOWL, “TRUMP is a BULLY” in unison, as if this is somehow coordinated between them. This use of the recently over-‘scary’ word is wayyyy too coincidental to be pure chance. They both howl that we are a nation of laws and Trump is being a dictator by threatening to take the law into his own hands…except this isn’t law…as explained above, and Congress should indeed live by the laws it passes and everyday, we see the uni-party just a bit clearer…


    I wonder what the next meme-o-the week will be?


    Obamacare was a brilliant move by the dems, sure, they lost power, FOR NOW, partly over it but it puts the government in full control over health care. 1/5th of the American economy run by DC! And tehn all you have to do is get juuuuust enough people addicted to it to make is damn near impossible to remove. The GOPe LOVES Obamacare, they collected money and votes for 7 years on the promise to repeal. No wonder the puritans and nevertrumpers got in the way of the beginning of dismantling it! Obamacare is a cash/vote cow for the professional ‘Con’servatives. Its never going away folks.


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