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  • The Economic Situation in China

    by coldwarrior ( 184 Comments › )
    Filed under China, Debt, Donald Trump, Economy, Open thread at August 6th, 2017 - 11:41 pm

    Trump has economic leverage against China vis-a-vis North Korea, as well on some other econ/trade topics. This article explains why, in great detail, why China is in such economic trouble and might take Australia and Canada down with them.

    Please take your time and read the entire thing. This also was brought forward a zero-hedge here.

    This is terribly detailed and very important info going forward and should be used as background when watching Trump deal with the Chinese. This also begs the questions, how would have a President Hillary proceeded, I won’t bother asking how a President Cruz would have handled this given that he would have been destroyed in the general election. What does the uni-party/CoC/sell-out-America wing of the GoP WISH that Trump would do.


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