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  • Trump Invokes Section 301

    by coldwarrior ( 115 Comments › )
    Filed under China, Donald Trump, Economy, Open thread at August 14th, 2017 - 6:30 pm

    Finally, I’ve waited too many years for a President to do this. The free ride for China and the rest is now over. Now starts the investigation and retaliation for dumping billions of dollars  goods on our shores, stolen ideas, violated property rights, and outright theft of US technology.

    SECTION 301

    Section 301 of the Trade Act of 1974 provides the United States with the authority to enforce trade agreements, resolve trade disputes, and open foreign markets to U.S. goods and services. It is the principal statutory authority under which the United States may impose trade sanctions on foreign countries that either violate trade agreements or engage in other unfair trade practices. When negotiations to remove the offending trade practice fail, the United States may take action to raise import duties on the foreign country’s products as a means to rebalance lost concessions.

    The list of products on which the United States raises import duties is called a “retaliation list.” Products included on a retaliation list are carefully selected to minimize the adverse impact on U.S. consumers, firms, and workers. I&A’s Office of Trade Negotiations and Analysis is responsible for developing all retaliation lists implemented by the United States Trade Representative.


    Listen to President Trumps comments very carefully:


    This received just about ZERO press today. Why is that? Well, we can’t have the American Citizens understanding what just happened to them over the past 30 years. If the press covered it, they would have to state why 301 is being invoked. By stating why, that lets the cat out of the bag for the people who don’t follow this sort of economic action…meaning, most folks.  The people would have to be told how they got played like SUKKAZ by the GOPe and the Democrats…and well, we can’t have that sort of info getting out. SO the Press will ignore this.


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