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  • NCAA D1 Football Week 1 2017 OPEN

    by coldwarrior ( 68 Comments › )
    Filed under College Football, Open thread at September 2nd, 2017 - 12:00 pm


    Oh, do we some football today!

    That USC team out West is lookin’ good, Sam Darnold WILL be playing on Sundays. So will Washington’s Jake Browning. These two are perfect examples of classic Dan Marino / Joe Montana Qb’s. They are NOT read-zone squirrel brains like Kaepernick and RGIII, both of whom are unemployed. One is a lefy scum and the other is a God-fearing conservative. Being a shitty, squirrel-brained quarterback knows no politics.

    But, all eyes are on Alabama who are agains the Pre-Season #1.

    #11 Michigan at #17 Florida 3:30 PM. In my world, M should be winning, it means that the Galaxy is in balance. I grew up with M playing and winning every Saturday, same with Notre Dame. Them having a good season brings peace and harmony to the world, at least on Saturdays. Michigan is a 5 point favorite on the road at the ‘Gators. Jim Harbaugh’s boys had a massive turnover after last season, they are now almost last in experience in D1. He will win a national championship soon, but not this year, I would go against the spread and even think of an upset if a whole bunch of Gators weren’t suspended. Michigan covers on the road for that reason. Harbaugh is going to have to beat Ohio State and soon, well, OSU looked beatable against the Hoosiers Thursday night.

    #3 Florida State at #1 Alabama 8:00 PM. #3 at #1 in Week 1! The Playoffs sure have changed things, now you have to impress and play the hard games out of conference. This will be the FSU defense game to lose. Reno has FSU getting 7 points. The ‘Noles are 7 point dogs? With that defense? No Way. The ‘Noles beat that spread!


    #22 West Virginia at #21 Virginia Tech 7:30 PM. Is the WVU offense for real? This will be a great test. West BY-God Virginia is a 4 point dog, they UPSET the Hoakies on the road. Those toothless, ridge-runnin, hicks had better pull it off too because it pains a PITT grad to even think of WVU winning. This should be a fun game to watch.

    Texas A&M at UCLA 7:30 PM. Vegas has The Aggies as a 4 point dog. Nope, they cover. This should be a really good game as well.


    #25 Tennessee at Georgia Tech 8:00 PM. The Vols are 3 point favorites on the road. Caesar’s has the Vols at 3 point favorites. They should cover.


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