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  • NCAA D1 Football Week 2 2017 OPEN

    by coldwarrior ( 62 Comments › )
    Filed under College Football, Open thread at September 9th, 2017 - 10:00 am

    Its an open thread….

    Welcome to week 2, and it is story time. Anyone who grew up in Western PA or understands the importance and pride and quality of football and football talent here will understand what damage the Bastard Joe Paterno did because of his ego and hubris. No, this has nothing to do with him knowing all about his best friend who for years repeatedly anally raped boys in the Penn State Football locker room showers and doing NOTHING about it despite preaching day and night to his players about being noble and doing the right thing and being a ‘Good Man’. This isn’t nearly that bad. But, it is bad enough; and it is forgotten because of the formerly ‘untarnished legend’ of the failure that is Joe Paterno. No, i don’t need links, i don’t need google, I lived this as a student and very well connected football fan at The University of Pittsburgh back in the 90’s.

    The plan was that PITT, PSU, Notre Dame, WVU, Rutgers, Syracuse, and VaTech were to form the nucleus of an all powerful football conference. Anyone who understands the quality of player who comes out of Western PA understands the possibility of this conference, Texas and Florida have nothing to compare. The SEC would not be the dominant force had this conference been allowed to form. It’s a no-brainer. Well, it was until Paterno himself put the kibasch on it.

    The deal was just about done until Paterno insisted that PITT play a 2-1. Two games at PSU and one at PITT. My Masters and then PhD mentor was Wesley Posvar, he was in the negotiations for all of this as Chancellor Emeritus and all around Football Fan. I’ve never seen Posvar as pissed off as when that deal ended. I was at his house, his wonderful wife served us some drinks. ‘We’ being a group of former military now scholars that were under his guidance in the honors college and UCIS.
    Not only did Paterno insist on a 2-1 against PITT AND WVU. He insisted on a 3-2 for Notre Dame. NOTRE effin DAME!!!! 3 at PSU for 2 at Touchdown Jesus???? Oh, it gets better, the cut at the gate for away games thata he wanted was obscene. Paterno was point for PSU’s negotiations for all of this. PITT’s lead negotiator was Posvar so I have ALL of this from the source in real time.

    So. let’s get into week 2 of the 2017 season!

    PITT at #4 Penn State 3:30 PM, Well, last year PITT won the first game of the renewed rivalry and that is all that matters to me. PSU is a 21 point favorite but I think PITT covers. The rivalry is over though. Murdered by Joe Paterno. PSU has done a nice job rebuilding their program and the JoePa statue hasn’t been put back. Most of the joepa-flavored kool-aid drinkers have been shoved back into their basements because of the overwhelming evidence against him. PITT continues to be the better academic institution. PSU continues to look at cow butts 😆 …they do make great greens keepers tho, i will give them that. Of course, their once respected meteorology program was brought into disrepute as well. So, PSU is OK with anally raping little boys as long as the football program is winning and is OK with massive academic fraud as Mann still works there.

    #13 Auburn at #3 Clemson 7:00 PM: Auburn is getting 5 at Death Valley. Clemson Covers and ends Auburn’s run (sadly, as I am an Auburn fan).

    #5 Oklahoma at #2 Ohio State 7:30 PM, OSU looked very, very beatable last week, and that Oakie QB is Bigly Big Time. OU is an 8 point dog at The Shoe. I just don’t see it. OU beats the spread.

    #15 Georgia at #24 Notre Dame 7:30 PM, UGA gets 5 at the Golden Domers. BULLDOGS! beats that spread.

    #14 Stanford at #6 USC 8:30 PM, this is the 10th anniversary of one of my favorite games, Stanford a 44 point dog goes in a beast USC flat out. This will be a great test for USC’s QB Darnold. Today, Stanford is a 6 point dog. USC beats that spread.

    Utah versus BYU 10:15 PM. I always root against the mcmuffins/romney’s. The Utes runs into SLC and stomps ass and beat the spread.


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