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  • NFL Week 1 Sunday Sports Spectacular! Now 95% Kaepernick Free!

    by The Barbarian ( 73 Comments › )
    Filed under Uncategorized at September 10th, 2017 - 12:45 pm

    You have to think Matty Ice is sittin’ at home saying – “and this guy BEAT US?”


    First off, congrats to the “Chefs” for pulling off what may very well be the upset of the year Thursday night, walloping the Pats 42-27 on their home turf.  Of course, Football Savant Offspring is torn, as anything that puts an “L” in the Patriots column to him is a good thing (he was annoyed Brady was on the cover of Madden 18), but when it sticks a “W” in your division rivals?  Puts the onus on his soon-to-be Sin City Raiders today to keep it even.

    The good news, of course, is that Colin “I have a Dream and it isn’t as a backup Quarterback” Krapperdick has no current gig in the NFL.  The bad news is that no doubt CBS, ESPN and the surgically enhanced and incredibly coiffed Bob Costas will no doubt spend the first part of the season snotting at less than stellar quarterback performances and speculating about game outcome if only the team had given Commie McNogame the starting spot.  Eventually the cards and letters and emails may force them to abandon this.   We live in hope.  Meanwhile, of course, it appears that the Browns have taken up McNogame’s mantle, doin’ the kneel thing in a circle, which will pretty much result in the entire country hoping the NFL forces them to re-sign Johnny “Nap in the End Zone” Manziel.

    Note to NFL Broadcasters – if you want to keep viewership and ad revenue, stop making the anthem the story.  When it’s playing, focus on the men and women in the OTHER uniforms – you know, the ones who catch enemy fire instead of passes.  No one cares about the oppressed millionaires.   No really….we don’t.

    So enjoy the waning days of summer, pop a few cold ones, now that for us on the West Coast, morning beer consumption has become fashionable again.  And if the Budweiser commercial comes on showing all the brewery locations – know that I could WALK to the one in Fairfield, California, from my house.  And one day probably will.  I hear there are samples.

    And also please, give some thoughts and prayers to our friends Rodan and Pakimon (from the playpen) and hope they’re warm dry and safe as Hurricane Irma is set to cut a path straight through Florida.  Rodan and Pak – please check in and let us know you’re okay if you can.

    The Matchups:  (byes this week to the Bucs and Dolphins – yeah, who saw THAT coming?)
    Jets @ Bills
    Falcons @ Bears
    Ravens @Bengals
    Steelers @ Browns
    Cardinals @ Lions
    Jaguars @ Texans
    Raiders @ Titans
    Eagles @ Redskins
    Colts @ Rams
    Seahawks @ Packers (oh, and SHUT UP Aaron Effing Rodgers)
    Panthers @ 49ers
    Giants @ Cowboys

    Monday’s Games (because EVERYONE loves to stay up to 2:00 a.m on a work night)
    Saints @ Vikings
    Chargers @ Broncos

    Around the MLB, some good games in the offing, check your local listings, because now that Football’s back, the networks no longer care about you.

    Tigers @ Blue Jays
    Reds @ Mets
    Marlins @ Braves
    Phillies @ Nationals
    Rays @ Red Sox
    Giants @ White Sox
    Twins @ Royals
    Pirates @ Cardinals
    Brewers @ Cubs
    Yankees @ Rangers
    Astros @ Athletics
    Rockies @ Dodgers
    Angels @ Mariners
    Padres @ Diamondbacks
    Orioles @ Indians

    No NHL yet, the PGA is in the middle of the Fedex Cup Playoffs which are taking a week off and NASCAR ran last night.  I’d mention the NBA but I don’t care about the NBA, especially after Warriors blowing off the President and staging an endless victory parade under my office window earlier this year that resulted in annoying people in my building lobby.



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