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  • NFL Week 2!

    by The Barbarian ( 41 Comments › )
    Filed under Uncategorized at September 17th, 2017 - 12:45 pm


    Well, THIS sure isn’t gonna pay the bills…..


    Nothing worse than waking up early on a Sunday morning, thinking you’re going to luxuriate, drink some coffee and watch a Columbo rerun and realizing you haven’t put the Sunday column to bed (for afficianados of the detective series, it was the one where William Shatner plays Rush Limbaugh).  So this’ll be a quick drive by.

    There apparently is some growing concern in the NFL that the stadiums are not as full they should be.  Earlier this week, eaglesoars posted a picture of the empty Levi Stadium as the 49ers hosted their home opener.  The above is the home opener of the L.A. Rams playing in the Los Angeles Coliseum.  Now, in fairness, the Coliseum holds about 100,000 people (which by the way college teams are able to do on a regular basis).  It’s a good thing the NFL continues to suspend the blackout rule – otherwise the good people of L.A. would have missed the game.

    According to reports, the NFL is rather concerned about the decline in attendance and viewers.  So are the three networks that broadcast them.  To a growing number of people, Sunday afternoon is no longer “must see TV.”  I have a solution.  Try to remember that we watch sports to get AWAY from politics – not be a captive audience to nasty little commenters and players.  Oh, and since the Stockley trial resulted in a “not guilty” verdict on Friday, expect to see a lot of players pull a Krapperdick today.  That’s if you watch at all.

    Here are the matchups.

    Browns @ Ravens
    Bills @ Panthers
    Cardinals @ Indianapolis
    Titans @ Jaquars
    Eagles @ Chiefs
    Patriots @ Saints
    Vikings @ Steelers
    Bears @ Buccaneers
    Dolphins @ Chargers
    Jets @ Raiders
    Cowboys @ Broncos
    Redskins @ Rams
    49ers @ Seahawks
    Packers @ Falcons

    Monday’s Game (no one cares – it’s ESPN; sorry, Mack – I feel your pain)
    Lions @ Giants

    In the MLB, looks like just about everyone is playing today as the season draws down to its last two weeks

    Orioles @ Yankees
    Red Sox @ Rays
    White Sox @ Tigers
    Royals @ Indians
    Pirates @ Reds
    Mets @ Braves
    Athletics @ Phillies
    Brewers @ Marlins
    Mariners @ Astros
    Blue Jays @ Twins
    Cardinals @ Cubs
    Padres @ Rockies
    Rangers @ Angels
    D-Backs @ Giants
    Dodgers @ Nationals

    NASCAR begins “the Chase for the Championship” at ChicagoLand Speedway – 3:00 p.m. Eastern

    In the PGAthe FedEx Cup playoffs continue with the final round of the BMW Championship.  Nice to see Jason Day and Rickie Fowler back at the top of the leaderboard.  I’ve gotten Football Savant Offspring interested in golf now, and Rickie’s his guy.  I’ve always had a soft spot for Mr. Day myself, especially since when he wins I get to see that adorable little boy of his.


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