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  • NFL Wake 4! A Death by a Thousand Paper Cuts

    by The Barbarian ( 29 Comments › )
    Filed under Uncategorized at October 1st, 2017 - 12:45 pm



    I have started and stopped this column five times in the past week, as every day brings fresh outrage over the behavior of the NFL, the Owners, the Players and the BLM-supporting Fans.  I’ll just let that graphic above say it all, for the most part, but here are some examples:

    •      Scuttlebutt is that the Oakland Raiders in Sunday’s game INTENTIONALLY laid down on the job of protecting Derek Carr and “missed” passes because Carr had the temerity NOT to join in their so-called protest and instead stood for the anthem.  Armstrong and Getty reported it from a “well-placed source in the Raider locker room.”  Well then, so much for free speech.  And Jack Del Rio needs to do some butt kicking, or do these selfish pricks remember what happened when their star QB went out before the playoffs.
    •      Drew Brees announced that the Saints would stand for the anthem when they were playing in London this morning, but would be “taking a knee” in unity right before.  Geez-US?  In unity for what? Against Trump?  Guess what genius – the country agrees with him about you injecting politics into football.  In unity with poor old put-upon Krapperdick?  Down with those Police as Pigs socks he was wearing?  Call Sean Payton and tell him you want him as your backup.  You are DEAD to me, Brees.
    •      In a move of sheer brilliance, Delanie Walker of the Tennessee Titans took to Twitter and tells the fans if they don’t agree with their stupid antics – excuse me, peaceful protest/show of unity – they can just stay home.  As if they needed his permission.  But you’ll be happy to know, Delanie, that they’ll be more than happy to follow the suggestion.  Meanwhile, I’m sure your owner and coach will be encouraging you to take to social media more often.

    I wondered what idiot was advising the NFL.  Then I found out.  Their PR guy is none other than the famous Joe Lockhart.  Remember him?  He was the creep running the Kerry campaign in 2004 that colluded with CBS on the TANG memos and went on to advise Clinton in 2008.  Reminder to NFL.  Kerry LOST.  Clinton LOST.  But by all means run and follow this guy’s advice.

    I won’t be watching the Saints this morning.  Or any other morning for that matter.  The gear and the merchandise has been packed up.  I have not disposed of it because all my Saints gear was in the form of gifts from the Football Savant Offspring, so I’m putting it away in hopes that one day my anger will subside.  I’m thinking 2025.

    In any event, for those that still may give a damn, here are today’s matchups.  I’m rooting for….nobody.

    Saints @ Dolphins (although they are playing in England)
    Steelers @ Ravens
    Bills @ Falcons
    Bengals @ Browns
    Rams @ Cowboys
    Titans @ Texans
    Lions @ Vikings (for you, Mack, I’ll give an occasional “WOOT!” from wherever I am
    Panthers @ Patriots
    Jaguars @ Jets
    49ers @ Cardinals (go ahead, you jerks, KNEEL at the home of Pat Tillman)
    Eagles @ Chargers
    Giants @ Buccaneers
    Raiders @ Denver
    Colts @ Seahawks
    Redskins @ Chiefs

    In the PGA, the final round of the President’s Cup competition.  Scoring is different so the suspense elements abound   USA USA USA!!!!!! (Coldwarrior notes: the president’s cup team announced in no uncertain terms that all respect will be shown for the anthem by all of the players and those involved in the cup. we CC’ers are patriotic, unlike the scum in the nfl)

    In Major League Baseball, it’s the final day for the Boys of Summer.  Please check your local listings.  If your team made it to the post season, drop me a line and they’ll get a shout-out next Sunday if they’re still alive!

    Astros @ Red Sox
    Mets @ Phillies
    A’s @ Rangers
    Pirates @ Nationals
    Padres @ Giants
    Blue Jays @ Yankees
    Mariners @ Angles
    Braves @ Marlins
    Orioles @ Rays
    White Sox @ Indians
    Tigers @ Twins
    Dodgers @ Rockies
    D-Backs @ Royals
    Brewers @ Cardinals
    Reds @ Cubbies

    In NASCAR, newly rechristened as “The Sport that STANDS” after the owners stated unequivocally that anyone kneeling at the National Anthem would be summarily FIRED,  the drivers head to Dover Raceway in New Hampshire.  Not a big fan of the New England tracks, but the “Chase” is on and the points leader, Martin Truex Jr., has the pole.  If nothing else, tune in and see how an invocation and the Anthem are treated when the most patriotic fans in the world are in the stands.

    In basketball – you guys employ LeBron James.  I hear he be educated.

    My new furniture arrives today – whenever I’m annoyed, depressed or angry, I redecorate a room.

    See you on the flipside.



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