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  • NFL Wake 5 – The Thomas Gunderson, Great American Thread

    by The Barbarian ( 154 Comments › )
    Filed under Golf, Hockey, NFL, Open thread at October 8th, 2017 - 11:00 am

    I’m not going to talk about NFL players straight off this week. Instead, I’d like to show a video that should be featured in the pre-game locker rooms but won’t.  You’ve probably already seen it.

    Thomas Gunderson.  An unassuming man who became a symbol of greatness and humility for saying the simple phrase “I will always stand for the President of this great country.”

    So BITE ME, NFL.

    Overindulged millionaires will be working today.  Here’s where to catch them (and to watch them furiously backpedal at Lance Armstrong speed trying to win back the viewers; let’s face it guys – when your team’s big press announcement is that everyone is going to STAND for the Anthem, TRUMP has not only won the ‘war’ – he’s won the hearts and minds as well):

    Bills @ Bengals
    Jets @ Browns
    Panthers @ Lions
    49ers @ Colts (keep them on the road, NFL; that empty stadium is embarrassing)
    Titans@ Dolphins
    Chargers @ Giants
    Cardinals @ Eagles
    Jaguars @ Steelers
    Seahawks @ Rams
    Ravens @ Raiders
    Packers @ Cowboys
    Chiefs @ Texans

    Vikings @ Bears

    Baseball has entered the post season, and darn if the Indians are two games up on the Yankees, who only got into the post-season on a one-game Wild Card playoff.  I’m partial to the Indians, mostly because I’m a huge fan of the movie “Major League” – filmed when Charlie Sheen was still sane.  Two games today, the Astros at the Red Sox at 2:30 EDT, and a nice evening game with the Indians visiting the Bronx at 7:30 EDT.  I heard there’s a football game on at the same time, but who cares?

    NASCAR is at Charlotte Raceway for the Bank of America 500.  Charlotte usually provides a good race; it must – it hosts more races than any other track.  Martin Truex Jr. maintains a slim points margin over Kyle Busch.

    The PGA is in my backyard this week, with the Safeway Open at Silverado Country Club in Napa.  The closest I ever get to that course is driving by it on my way to pick up wine at the Beaulieu Vineyards.

    In the NHL, only one game, the Canadiens at the Rangers at 7:00 EDT.   However, please note attention whore named J.T. Brown, who plays for the “Lightning” and whose father played in the NFL, decided to raise a fist during the Anthem.  Oh, and he was roundly BOOed.  Wonder if the coach will be taking him aside and advising him that the NHL doesn’t do that sort of thing.  I love how afterward they say there’s all these problems that “need addressing and we need to start a dialogue.”  Oh, we’ve STARTED the dialogue, Sparky.  It pretty much comes down to “go eff yourself – where’s the remote?”

    Oh, and in the big Democratic race this week – how fast everyone can give back the donation money that Harvey Weinstein gave them – the winners are the various Democrat charity PACs.  See, they’re not exactly sending the money BACK – they’re “donating” it to various Democrat charities like Emily’s List, etc.  Sort of like you and me moving money from savings to checking……


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