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  • NAFTA Renegotiation Starts Today.

    by coldwarrior ( 27 Comments › )
    Filed under Economy, Open thread at August 16th, 2017 - 4:39 am

    More Winning!


    Discussions to begin renegotiating the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) are set to begin Wednesday in Washington, D.C., when the United States, Canada and Mexico will come together to work out new terms for the trilateral trading pact.

    Mexican officials have said the plan is to hold seven rounds of talks at three-week intervals, according to Reuters.

    President Donald Trump, who has called NAFTA “the worst trade deal” the U.S. has ever approved, is not expected to be included in the initial rounds of talks, as he continues his 17-day working vacation. Trump officially announced his intentions to renegotiate the agreement shortly after his inauguration, part of his campaign promise to put “America First.”…

    According to the White House, since the implementation of NAFTA in 1994, the U.S. trade balance with Mexico has shifted from a surplus of $1.3 billion to a $64 billion deficit in 2016.

    That deficit is the ‘giant sucking sound’ of American jobs going south. It is not Free Trade if one country grossly undercuts wages, environmental protections, and workplace safety. Adam Smith was talking about trade of British Wool for Portuguese Port wine, not exporting thousands and thousands of jobs to another country to sell back those goods to us. Smith would have never gone for exporting the British Woolen mills to Portugal, ever. NAFTA is not Free Trade nor was it ever meant to be. It was a sellout of America.

    Another likely source of dispute is Washington’s desire to eliminate an infrequently used dispute resolution process under which a NAFTA panel can overrule individual countries’ decisions on dumping and unfair subsidies.

    Washington views Chapter 19 as unfair, since it can overrule decisions made by US agencies on imports thought to receive unfair subsidies.

    But for Canada especially, which has successfully used the process in the longstanding timber dispute with the United States, Chapter 19 is not negotiable.

    And Mexico’s Congress passed a resolution last month calling for negotiators to resist any move to eliminate the mechanism.

    The question remains whether that becomes a red line for the US side, and would prompt Washington to withdraw from the trade deal that has allowed vast multinational supply chains to form throughout the region

    I don’t think Adam Smith would have went for Chapter 19 either. He was a huge fan of British Sovereignty. I’m a huge fan of American Sovereignty.

    Canadian Foreign Minister Chrystia Freeland suggested on Monday that Canada could walk away from the talks if the United States insisted on scrapping the mechanism to resolve trade disputes between the three NAFTA countries.

    You tipped your hand sweetie, you don’t play much poker or negotiate real often do you?

    Trump Invokes Section 301

    by coldwarrior ( 115 Comments › )
    Filed under China, Donald Trump, Economy, Open thread at August 14th, 2017 - 6:30 pm

    Finally, I’ve waited too many years for a President to do this. The free ride for China and the rest is now over. Now starts the investigation and retaliation for dumping billions of dollars  goods on our shores, stolen ideas, violated property rights, and outright theft of US technology.

    SECTION 301

    Section 301 of the Trade Act of 1974 provides the United States with the authority to enforce trade agreements, resolve trade disputes, and open foreign markets to U.S. goods and services. It is the principal statutory authority under which the United States may impose trade sanctions on foreign countries that either violate trade agreements or engage in other unfair trade practices. When negotiations to remove the offending trade practice fail, the United States may take action to raise import duties on the foreign country’s products as a means to rebalance lost concessions.

    The list of products on which the United States raises import duties is called a “retaliation list.” Products included on a retaliation list are carefully selected to minimize the adverse impact on U.S. consumers, firms, and workers. I&A’s Office of Trade Negotiations and Analysis is responsible for developing all retaliation lists implemented by the United States Trade Representative.


    Listen to President Trumps comments very carefully:


    This received just about ZERO press today. Why is that? Well, we can’t have the American Citizens understanding what just happened to them over the past 30 years. If the press covered it, they would have to state why 301 is being invoked. By stating why, that lets the cat out of the bag for the people who don’t follow this sort of economic action…meaning, most folks.  The people would have to be told how they got played like SUKKAZ by the GOPe and the Democrats…and well, we can’t have that sort of info getting out. SO the Press will ignore this.

    One Year On, Iron Fist.

    by coldwarrior ( 144 Comments › )
    Filed under History, Open thread at August 12th, 2017 - 5:38 am

    It has been one year since the passing of Iron Fist.

    Much has changed for the better. The struggle that he outlined and happily participated in continues.

    The Neocons and The Dems Re-Unite

    by coldwarrior ( 113 Comments › )
    Filed under Democratic Party, Neocon Bastards, Open thread at August 9th, 2017 - 2:56 pm

    It seems that the Neocons have cozied up to their former spouse, the Democrat Party. After ruining the GOP, the spineless chicken-hawks have decided to leave and go back to their ex. See, the GOP voters picked Trump, that means no room for the Neocon bastards any more. We here in flyover country are sick and tired of sending our kids to go fight and die in ideological driven and quite endless wars that have NO national interest worth spilling blood and spending treasure over.

    But Democrats and neocons share far more than revulsion toward Trump; particularly once Hillary Clinton became the party’s standard-bearer, they share the same fundamental beliefs about the U.S. role in the world and how to assert U.S. power. In other words, this alliance is explained by far more than antipathy to Trump.

    Indeed, the likelihood of a neocon/Democrat reunion long predates Trump. Back in the summer of 2014 — almost a year before Trump announced his intent to run for president — longtime neocon-watcher Jacob Heilbrunn, writing in the New York Times, predicted that “the neocons may be preparing a more brazen feat: aligning themselves with Hillary Rodham Clinton and her nascent presidential campaign, in a bid to return to the driver’s seat of American foreign policy….

    One sees this same dynamic repeated with many other of the world’s most militaristic, war-loving neocons. Particularly after his recent argument with Tucker Carlson over Russia, Democrats have practically canonized Max Boot, who has literally cheered for every possible war over the two past decades and, in 2013, wrote a column titled “No Need to Repent for Support of Iraq War.” It is now common to see Democratic pundits and office holders even favorably citing and praising Bill Kristol himself.

    There’s certainly nothing wrong with discrete agreement on a particular issue with someone of a different party or ideology; that’s to be encouraged. But what’s going on here goes far, far beyond that.

    What we see instead are leading Democratic foreign policy experts joining hands with the world’s worst neocons to form new, broad-based policy advocacy groups to re-shape U.S. foreign policy toward a more hostile, belligerent and hawkish posture. We see not isolated agreement with neocons in opposition to Trump or on single-issue debates, but a full-scale embrace of them that is rehabilitating their standing, empowering their worst elements, and reintegrating them back into the Democratic Party power structure.

    If Bill Kristol and Mike Chertoff can now sit on boards with top Clinton and Obama policy advisers, as they’re doing, that is reflective of much more than a marriage of convenience to stop an authoritarian, reckless president. It demonstrates widespread agreement on a broast range of issues and, more significantly, the return of neocons to full-scale D.C. respectability, riding all the way on the backs of eager, grateful establishment Democrats.”

    Yeah, I just checked, Max Boot has no military creds and was educated at Berkley. Real brave there Max…real brave.

    Thankfully, the re-alignment of the GOP is happening faster than even I would hope for! Good riddance Neocon scum. I’ll trade one smug, beta-male, non-veteran chicken-hawk like Bill Krystol and Max Boot for real Patriots like a Joe the Coal miner and a Bob the Electrician any day. Let the Realignment continue!

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