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Saturday morning academia

by coldwarrior ( 257 Comments › )
Filed under Academia, Open thread, saturday lecture series at April 3rd, 2010 - 5:00 am

We want to start Saturday morning academic lecture for the blog. The idea is to ease into the weekend and get away from the negatives and politics and fighting and maybe learn something in the process. I’m thinking, listen to the lecture  while making breakfast, have some coffee…ease into the weekend.

I will post something every Saturday morning, so if anyone has any vids or topics…give me a heads up, and lets enjoy our Saturday morning coffee while someone else talks for a change.  These will be open threads until the afternoon or so, informal and relaxed.

So, I will offer this video up from CMU about the dialect spoken in Pittsburgh to start the series.

CarnegieMellonU — January 31, 2008 — Learn how “Pittsburghese” has come to be such a strong symbol of Pittsburgh’s identity. Barbara Johnstone, Professor of Rhetoric and Linguistics in Carnegie Mellon University’s Department of English, will trace the history of the dialect, talk about how it is changing and how people across the country are keeping it alive.

I really hope that this Saturday morning series becomes a popular fixture here.

Watch this video on YouTube.



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