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A Tribute: To Iron Fist!

by coldwarrior ( 174 Comments › )
Filed under Open thread, Special Report at August 9th, 2016 - 7:42 pm

Ladies and Gentlemen, This post is Tribute to A True Legend of the Blogsphere, Patriot, Husband, Martial Artist, Tattoo Aficionado, and Christian man:


Iron Fist

We wanted to post this and tell him and Velvet Glove how much he means to us, how important he has been to all of us, and how much he will be sorely and deeply missed. It seems odd to do this online on a Blog and I’m not sure if this is done the right way, but, this is where his digital friends and some of his ‘meat world’ friends are.

I first ‘met’ Iron Fist on LGF and then ended up here after the great banishment. I grew to respect his positions and carefully think about what he would post. Some times there was disagreement and sometimes total agreement but always on the same side in the fight.

He is the originator of the Iron Fist Rule: “If you think you are too drunk to post, you are too drunk to post.”

Celebrate the Man. We can be sad later.


His Obit and a great video are at this link

**We will leave this thread on top, the thread below is also active for ‘business as usual’ comments.**


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