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Sports, The American Male, and Recombinating DNA

by coldwarrior ( 179 Comments › )
Filed under Hipsters, Politics, Progressives, Sports at December 2nd, 2013 - 8:00 pm

Sports, The American Male, and Recombinating DNA

-Coldwarrior, The Blogmocracy


I have noticed something peculiar. and it has to do with sports and society mostly. But first we need to set some assumptions. What is the primary functions of humans? Why are we here? Yes, its a question pondered by many navel-gazers and trippin’ hippies. The answer is very very simple. We are here to recombine our DNA with another mate and create more DNA. Yes this involves child birth, but that is just a vehicle by which the newly recombined DNA is housed and then recombined again with another human’s DNA. It is simple, never ending, and very base level natural. Attraction, sex, fertilization (recombined DNA), birth, maturity, start again…

The entire human experience both mentally and physically are driven by the need to recombine DNA with a member of the opposite sex. Yes, there are deviations that fall outside this definition that will simply be ignored here. I don’t care about gays and I don’t care about the celibate. I do care about the other 99% and am writing about them.

What causes the attraction at the primal subconscious level between male and female of child bearing age? The male enjoys the female form. shapely hips indicate the ability to bear children, other attractive physical attributes follow the drive to recombine DNA. The female of the human species will always be attracted at a subconscious level to that guy who is a good physical specimen, a good donor of DNA. There is an attraction to the risk taker, the strong guy who can protect the female and their off-spring. Now, the star athlete get the pretty girl, then it was the expert hunter and fighter. The below average looking and below average physical guy who becomes the very successful business man  get the hot girl later, after his wallet gets fat, and that falls back into societal norms as related above. A fat wallet covers for unattractive genetics; Witness Miranda Kerr’s new beau, she wouldn’t give him the time of day if he weren’t a billionaire. There are infinite examples of this so I wont belabor this point.


Other factors certainly have an effect on who is chosen for a long term marriage, simply physical attraction (the drive to recombinate DNA) only needs to work once. Sex then pregnancy, BAM…DNA is recombined. Long term relations are more based on societal and cultural norms and are far more complicated and have very little to do with making new DNA. Its nice to be in a loving marriage with a great family but that is totally unneeded to recombine DNA. It makes our brains happy, and society function better. Both are very good things but are not necessary in the strictest sense of species survival.


So, where is he going with this you ask? Good question. I have noticed something over the past few years. The left and others have slowly been deconstructing the American male. trying to make the good donor of DNA into something not ‘attractive’ to the opposite sex. This sissification is endemic. In schools everywhere, boys are punished for being boys. Guess what? It isn’t ADHD, boys like to play rough and play with pretend guns and get into trouble.  The CDC describes ADHD symptoms as follows: “A child with ADHD might: daydream a lot, forget or lose things a lot, squirm or fidget, talk too much, make careless mistakes or take unnecessary risks, have a hard time resisting temptation, have trouble taking turns, have difficulty getting along with others”! Ya don’t say….Sounds like boys being boys.

I know, it crazy. We allow the progressive school faculty shove medications down these boys throats to destroy the very maleness that defines them and makes them (in later years) donors of DNA. Men who are good with their hands, who would survive most events are looked down upon from the Ivory Tower. Who is better at real survival? That hipster grad student or the guy who just gradated trade school?

Now onto what is being done to sports. The progressives have been trying to ban/neuter football for years. It is a hated sport on the left because of what occurs early on. The star football player gets the hot chicks because of the base level driving need to recombinate DNA. The dork does not get the hottie and is often lonely. This scars the little man for life and then he takes it out on the real men after he gets a little power. Look at the ridiculous clothes the ‘hipster’ male wears. The oddly-dressed specimen of male would not survive outside of the providing city nor could he protect his offspring and mate, yet this image is often held up in advertising and media as an ideal. But this skinny hipster is not, at the primal level, the ideal that the female wants. He is a creation of the society, of the progressives.

The star football player gets the girl. Until there is no football. Have you noticed that the networks have been pushing soccer on America, its almost relentless. They push a sport without toughness that features runners who fall down in writhing pain at the slightest touch; run away and fall down, pretty lousy survival plan at the base level. These are not tough guys, these are the hipsters of the sporting world.  There is a globalization of sport given that we can see any event from anywhere in the world at any time. So why soccer? Why not Rugby? Why is Rugby, the OBVIOUS choice for the Americans, not pushed on the public as much as Soccer is? Simple, any twerp can play soccer, not all Soccer players are hipster twerps, so don’t get all defensive. Seriously, if i want to see people run, I’ll go to a track and field event. Of course, I will be over there watching the field events: shot-put, hammer throw, javelin….


Soccer mostly painless and contact is practically prohibited. Its the perfect game for the male who is apt to run away from a confrontation. And it is the game of the world’s poor. Why would anyone want to associate with the world’s poor or do anything that they do? Rugby requires pretty much the same equipment yet it is the sport of the upper classes where it is played. Rugby players live for contact. Contact is an integral part of the game. It is expected, it is the game. These men are not the ones who would run away from conflict. Rugby is obviously closer to what attracts females at a primal level and closer to The American Ideal than Soccer.  Rugby is the timeless test of strength, endurance, toughness, intelligence, and quick thinking, that has defines Maleness for Eons. This is why I am convinced that there is some Lefty Hipster Progressive force pushing Soccer on America because if Rugby gets big, then their dreams of an emasculated male society might just vaporize. Keep runnin’ Soccer Boys, you can’t outrun genetics.


A video respite (actually, it is pretty much required watching to get the gist of this post, so please watch these):

Watch this video on YouTube.


Real Sport:

Watch this video on YouTube.








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