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NCAA Football Week 7 2021 OPEN THREAD

by coldwarrior ( 226 Comments › )
Filed under College Football, Open thread at October 16th, 2021 - 9:55 am

Last week 3/4 today…21/27 $1600/$1000. 60% ROI…it was 90% with a low of 40%

No football bets today, none of the games are enticing me. I had to call off tonight as it appears that there was a tornado or a microburst and the area looks like a war zone, I lost many shingles, gutters, siding, sofit and fascia. Here are trees down in our very local area and damage to all the houses in a two block wide path.

The chainsaws are running, power crews are out, and I’ve gotta clean up. Mrs Coldwarrior and the children heard the tornado warnings and went into the basement. No one hurt, just a bunch of cleaning up to do…and bbq some ribs. Can’t clean up without bbq!

NCAA Football Week 6 2021 OPEN THREAD

by coldwarrior ( 220 Comments › )
Filed under College Football, Open thread at October 9th, 2021 - 12:20 am

Last week was an abysmal 2/7 -$500, so we are at 18/23 $1400/$1000. 40% ROI…it was 90%


I’m in the middle of 5 days in a row…so lets make this quick:

#6 Oklahoma at #21 Texas 12:00 PM ABC…Texas is getting 3.5. Huh? OU covers.

#13 Arkansas at #17 Ole Miss 12:00 PM ESPN…Both teams lost last week. They had to play the best programs in the country. The Razorbacks are getting 5 and Ole Miss covers.

#4 Penn State at #3 Iowa 4:00 PM FOX…This is gonna be a great game, easily the game of the week. Winner is top dog in the Big 10. Iowa ia a 1.5 point dog at home, PSU Covers.

I’m too tired to do any more research. Night Yinz!


#9 Michigan at Nebraska 7:30 PM ABC…M is only a 2 point favorite??? Tyey had better beat this spread!

***That’s better, 3/4 today…21/27 $1600/$1000. 60% ROI…it was 90% with a low of 40%***

NCAA Football, Week 5 2021 OPEN THREAD

by coldwarrior ( 268 Comments › )
Filed under College Football, Open thread at October 2nd, 2021 - 12:34 am

It’s an open thread, discuss what yinz like.

WOOOT! 3/3 last week! so we are at 14/19 $1900/$1000. 90% ROI! But again, I would never bet real money on a bunch of amateur college boys.

That said, let’s look at some games for this week. It’s shakeout week, a lot of unbeatens are playing each other.

#8 Arkansas at #2 Georgia 12:00 PM ESPN: The Razorbacks….SUUUUUUUEEEEEEEEEEEE…PIG! were my big pick to upset TAMU last week. They did not disappoint. But, jeeze…they are at the Georgia Bulldogs who are playing damn near perfect ball. Hogs ended up with some key injuries tho. The line is 16.5 points given by the Bulldogs. The line started at 19 and the money went on the pigs there after and I’m stuck with this one. Given the trend, I’ll say the Razorbacks cover, but I’m not in love with this pick.

#14 Michigan at Wisconsin 12:00 PM FOX: Look, It’s put up or shut up time for M. M has to win this game, period. Yes, they are undefeated, BUT…W has stomped them the last two times out and still has a top 5 defense. W is giving 2 at home and M hasn’t played anyone of standing yet. I can easily see W beating this spread.

Pittsburgh at Georgia Tech 12:00 PM ACCN: If Miami had the same record as Pitt, they would be ranked #12 or higher. This game always cracks me up, GT and PITT are the same school in different cities! The vibe is so similar. GT is the 3 point favorite and my Beloved Panthers do not cover.

Duke at North Carolina 12:00 PM ESPN2: HA!!! It’s not Basketball season yet!

#7 Cincinnati at #9 Notre Dame 2:30 PM NBC: The heathens from Cinci and their devil-creation Skyline Chili will be at the Humble and Godly Catholic Men of Notre Dame. Like them or not, ND almost always has the toughest schedule and is always in the spotlight because of that. Kelly just passed St Rockne for most wins @ ND. The line is Cinci GIVING 2 at The Golden Dome. Oh, hell no, wake up the echoes, ND covers! Nope, Cinci covers.

#12 Ole Miss at #1 Alabama 3:30 PM CBS: OK, Alabama has to actually play some one. God love Ole Miss an this is why the spread matters. Alabama is giving 16.5. I do think that Ole Miss can cover.

Indiana at #4 Penn State 7:30 PM ABC: IU has ruined PSU twice in recent years. PSU is a 12.5 favorite and will beat this spread at home. Pay Back Time.

Arizona State at #20 UCLA 10:30 PM FS1: This might be the best game of the day. The Sun Devils are Giving 3 and UCLA covers at home.

***UGH…2/7 -$500, so we are at 18/23 $1400/$1000. 40% ROI…it was 90 🙁 ***

NCAA Football, Week 4 2021 and RYDER CUP Open, and HOT SAUCE!

by coldwarrior ( 243 Comments › )
Filed under College Football, Golf, Open thread at September 23rd, 2021 - 5:28 pm


Last week, week 3: we were 3/5 +$100, so we are at 11/16 $1600/$1000. 60% ROI! I’m beating my real investments. But really, I would never put real money on a bunch of testosterone OD’d young, amateur male athletes. No way, no how.

Every Two years the US takes on Europe in golf. This is played by professionals and the money is on Europe. The US is down 11-8-1 over the past 20 editions. The Ryder Cup is played every two years. The US has been terrible the last few times…a bunch of whiny, selfish, arrogant pricks versus the more unified Europeans. The Ryder Cup format is based on team play and being a productive member of the TEAM. This latest of batch of whiny twits who live and die by social media might not be capable of wining this time either.

Are Americans better golfers than the Euros? You damn straight we are! All one has to do is look at standings and money winnings. This isn’t even a discussion, it’s a Red White and Blue beat down. But the Ryder Cup, the most important tournament in golf in my opinion, is a completely different animal. The golfer has to swallow his pride and do exactly what the team captains expects him to do in order to win. There is no ego here, only patriotism.

The home team crowd, this year it is being held in a phenomenal Pete Dye designed course in Wisconsin called Whistling Straits. Playing a Pete Dye course is like driving a high-end luxury car, every detail is perfect and there are sumptuous surprises to be revealed. the course is set against two miles of Lake Michigan, and it is open to the public to play. It’s pricey, but, how often does one get to play a course that has held the Ryder Cup and PGA Championship? The Straits Course favors the Europeans as it is a links design.

By Sunday the American Fans will be in full voice, the Europeans will complain, and we will see if team captain Steve Stricker can herd these ego-maniacal cats into a cohesive team.

It will be worth the watch even if yinz don’t like golf, trust me on this one.

NOW, On to the football:

#12 Notre Dame at #18 Wisconsin 12:00 PM FOX: Smash-mouth, old school, dairy farm fed, football. ND is getting 6 when I marked this game two days ago. They cover “on the road” this game is being played in Chicago. There will be no Camp Randall noise or home field advantage for W.

#7 Texas A&M versus #16 Arkansas 3:30 PM CBS: This game is being played at a ‘neutral site”, ummmhmmm…Arlington Texas. The Aggies are giving 5. The national press is calling this an upset possibility. the winner of this gets to be Alabama’s main rival in the SEC. Heh, good luck with that! I think that the Razorbacks are playing better ball, better than the 5 point spread? yeah, why not!

Tennessee at #11 Florida 7:00 PM ESPN: It’s gonna be another long year for the Vols. The Gators are giving 18.5 at home. They cover.

‘Bama is playing S Miss state…why?

**NEW: Let’s make some hot sauce!!!!

chemical weapons

***WOOOT! 3/3 this week! so we are at 14/19 $1900/$1000. 90% ROI!

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