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NCAA Football Week 4 2023 and Rugby World Cup OPEN

by coldwarrior ( 257 Comments › )
Filed under College Football, Open thread, Sports at September 22nd, 2023 - 1:06 pm


I was even for week 3, so one down, $900/1000 thus far. My Alma Mater and The Vols broke my heart last week. Here we go:

4 Florida State @ Clemson 12:00 PM. Clemson is not rated, but they are at home in Death Valley, one of the loudest venues in all of sport. It’s on my bucket list to see. The Noles aren’t getting much respect tho, they are only 2 point favorites. I think they can cover.

15 Ole Miss @ 13 Alabama 3:30 PM. That’s right, ‘Bama has a loss and isn’t in the top 10. The press is questioning Nick Saban…yeah…don’t. ‘Bama is a 6 point favorite and covers. Don’t back Saban into a corner, ever.

19 Colorado @ 10 Oregon 3:30 PM. Coach Prime Time takes his flying circus west to the perpetually over-rated Oregon Ducks. This is it, Coach Prime, welcome to the big time! This ain’t Jackson State any more. No one is giving the Buffs a chance, they are 21 point dogs on the road. Colorado has no defense but has an incredible offense. The Ducks have QB Bo Nix. 21 points? Hell, if Colorado covers its a moral victory. If they win? Well, miracles can happen. 21 points…Jeeze…I want them to cover. But. Bet with your mind, not your heart. The Buffs don’t cover. Betting against Coach Prime just seems wrong.

6 Ohio State @ 9 Notre Dame 7:30 PM. The Buckeyes travel to play in front of Touchdown Jesus. ND hasn’t won a championship since they built stands in front of Jesus’s lower half. Coincidence? Nope. OSU will choke later in the season but not today and they cover the 3 point spread. Tear down those stands and you’ll win again, ND.

Rugby World Cup

Last week had no surprises EXCEPT, Fiji beat Australia….oh my! And the Italians are 2-0! South Africa plays #1 rated Ireland at 1500 EST Saturday. Ireland has looked flat and South Africa are always tough. The rest of the matches should be as expected for the top 5. All of the action is on Peacock Network.

SUNDAY! it’s the Caribbean Professional League final on the Willow app. As of now, I have no idea who is in. They are doing the playoffs now.

F1 is in Japan and it’s on at 0100 Sunday AM. I’ll be getting home from work at midnight, we pre-ordered a ton of Sushi to be picked up by Mrs Coldwarrior at 2300 Saturday night, saki and Sapporo’s are also on order.

Have a great weekend!

NCAA Football Week 3 2023 OPEN and 2023 Rugby World Cup first round

by coldwarrior ( 176 Comments › )
Filed under College Football, Open thread at September 16th, 2023 - 11:04 am

This is an open thread

I just heard a great stat about Coach Prime Time after he cleaned house in Colorado last winter, there was a mass exodus of slackers (dummies!!!) and a mass buy-in. Last spring, his football team posted the highest GPA ever for the team…he told them, you will be early to class, you will act and dress respectfully, will sit in the front of the class, you will ask at least one question per class per player, you will post good grades, or YOU are gone. These young men have reacted to Prime Time’s guidance and demands in a great way. This is a joy to watch and might just change the culture of the game itself.

ESPN’s Gameday, a staple for decades is in Boulder for the Colorado State V Colorado game and it’s Lee Corso’s 400th Gameday. The guy is a legend.

Alright, let’s get on with it. All the ‘BIG GAMES’ are this evening…multiple screens baby! $900/$1000 so far. $100 bet unless otherwise noted.

7 Penn State @ Illinois 12:00 PM…PSU is back, Coach Franklin has done a great job recovering from the Paterno debacle. They are 14 point favorites and cover. They need a good showing here.

11 Tennessee @ Florida 7:00 PM…The Vols were 7 point favorites, but are now just 5. The money is sliding toward the Gators to cover. This game is in The Swamp, the crowd is a factor. I would have taken the 7 points…5…wellll…..OK, The Vols cover.

Pittsburgh @ West Virginia 7:30 PM. It’s the Backyard Brawl! Throw the records out, burn the stats, none of that matters. PITT was the favorite by 2, now WVU is a 1.5 point favorite. HAIL TO PITT!!! they cover.

Colorado State @ 18 Colorado 10:00 PM. That’s right, Coach Prime has the team ranked after just two weeks. The Buffs are 23 point favorites. Their offense is just amazing, their defense, wellllll….not so much. CSU covers and the Buffs go 3 and 0.

2023 Ruby World Cup is in full swing. BUT! The French hosts are messing it up! They must have never heard the Rubgy song that goes: ‘glorious, victorious, one keg of beer for the 4 of us!’. The All Blacks looked like dog shit V France last week. This weekend is the second round of Pool play and no games should be in question. Yinz can watch if any of yinz have Peacock

NCAA Football, Week 1 2023 OPEN

by coldwarrior ( 320 Comments › )
Filed under College Football, Music, Open thread at September 2nd, 2023 - 6:58 am


First things first, Jimmy Buffet died yesterday. There will be many margaritas and cheeseburgers consumed today in his wake. Some of the best times that I ever had at concerts were his shows, his shows and especially the show in the parking lot. The parking lots full of parrot-heads were a show only rivaled by the scene at The Grateful Dead concerts. Except, the parrot-heads had lots of money and the food and drinks were much better. If you’ve ever been there, you know what I’m talking about. Once, a true parrot-head brought his very large sailboat to the parking lot here in PGH. They were dressed as pirates and were handing out food and booze and playing music before the show. RIP, Jimmy. It was your last trip around the sun.

And, on to everyone’s favorite! College Football! 😆

Week one, 2023. There are a ton of games all weekend, none of them really matter as it’s week 1 and these are tune-ups. Let’s start with $1000 fake bucks again and see what happens. Last year, I went broke, erasing the gains from the year before and some from the year before that. It’s a $100 bet when noted, some games will not be wagered. Week 1? Not much

The team to watch this year (and the next few) are the Colorado Buffaloes and their new head coach, Deion “Prime Time” Sanders. Prime Time showed up last year and told those who don’t want to be there to leave. His players now will sit at the front of class, dress and act respectfully, and be real men, not hoods. His words. Colorado football is not a powerhouse and had no big history like ‘Bama or Georgia. If anyone can turn this program around, it’s Prime Time.

Colorado @ 17 TCU 12:00 PM FOX. TCU got blown out in the national championship last year at the hands of the Georgia Bulldogs. The Buffs are 21 point dogs on the road in this big test right out of the gate. I’m not betting on this but will watch.


5 LSU @ 8 Florida State 7:30 PM. LSU are two point favorites on the road at the ‘Noles. I’ll take LSU to cover.


LLWS 2023 Open n’at.

by coldwarrior ( 116 Comments › )
Filed under Baseball, Open thread at August 28th, 2023 - 2:03 pm

[Charlie Brown AI morphs (cumulative) via Deep Dream Generator.]

Sorry I’m late, yinz! I just got home last night from working at our hospital where the LLWS was taking place. I was fortunate to get assigned there at this time. I can tell you, the players are wide-eyed and amazed that they are there. The families are, frankly, in shock. I talked with one dad at the big old hotel bar after he put his player and wife to bed; he told me a great story. He said that he played baseball through high school but was never good enough to get a look at scholarship or the minors but he always would dream of playing in the LLWS. His son, and the team made it to Williamsport, PA. Dude is a welder in the south, he said they had to hustle to get enough cash to pull this off. He worked 6 days x12 hours plus freelance work starting back when he had an inkling that there might be an outside chance that his could maybe, just might, happen. He said that Mom threw herself into fundraising and was relentless and driven. I was sad when their team got eliminated. However, this same story repeats all through this scene.

I met a few players. WOW! They are living the dream for a few short days. Wonderful young men who are quick with a ‘yes sir’ ‘no sir’ ‘please’ and ‘thank you’. I was treating one young ball player who did his ankle a bad turn. I asked for his autograph and he and his family laughed. I was serious. I had him sign the inside of the metal paramedic folder that I always have with me at work. I will look at that later and often, when the shit gets bad in the ER…a talisman of sorts to keep me focused and happy and to remind me why.

So, now I’m home for the next assignment. Today is recovery and goofing off after 4 days x 12 hours and a long drive home. The Puti and I played 9 at the CC, no hole in one for her! I have ribs on the smoker at the request of FiaFia. I am having the Aladino cigar that Bunk Five Hawks X sent me paired with a Tanqueray Rangpur Lime gin and tonic, the Connecticut version goes very well with a G&T. Thanks, Bunk! A perfect way to start a day of goofing off.

Enjoy this open.

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