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  • Back to the Hotel Open, Happy Easter 2019

    by coldwarrior ( No Comments › )
    Filed under History, Open thread at April 21st, 2019 - 2:24 am

    Happy Easter to yinz…ours is next week. Funny thing these calendars.

    I’ve checked into the hotel for three more days of work, then I get 6 off. 6…in a row.

    Six in a row? WTF am i supposed to do with that???? 🙂

    and this just in

    Imma gonna bet it wans’t the Hindus or Buddhists who desecrated the highest holy day in Christendom.

    AND…hmmm…Trump never used Executive Privilege….

    A nightcap at the local…open

    by coldwarrior ( 121 Comments › )
    Filed under Food and Drink, Open thread at April 18th, 2019 - 6:34 am

    So, it’s 1900 for me, but 0700 for the rest of my timezone. I was pointed toward a local dive bar by the night crew at the hospital. It’s called The Village News…and they open at 0700. I’ll go down and have one hen head back to bed for one more night shift.

    Just about every town has a bar with a “Mill License” that keeps odd hours for the shift workers. They are usually great little dives.

    Will report later.

    Sleep Study, Part 1. and open

    by coldwarrior ( 69 Comments › )
    Filed under Academia, Open thread, Science at April 15th, 2019 - 3:28 am

    I work nights often. When I am at home, the bedroom is like a tomb. Gramma Coldwarrior made us some custom Blitz-era blackout curtains that must be made of Hawking’s Black Holes. It is totally dark, pitch black, endlessly without light. When I am on nights I put the ceiling fan on high for noise. Noise is needed to block out the mind from reacting to the sounds of the house during the day. I will also run a box fan for added brain mis-direction.

    It is notoriously hard to sleep in the daytime in a hotel. Most hotels aren’t built for that. Total Darkness is unattainable and the stomp monsters are always in the hall or overhead during the day…and then there are the vacuums…

    Darkness can be attained tho. A Tempur-Pedic face mask gets that done no problem. Mrs Coldwarrior calls that thing my Diva Mask. It works. That leaves the sound issue. It’s easy to get dark, it’s damned hard to clear the brain of disruptive sound. The Brain wants to hear and asking everyone to be silent during the day is not only rude, it’s impossible.

    White Noise

    Brown Noise

    Got that? Good. SO what I did was get two, small Altec Lansing Bluetooth speakers, my laptop, and this website and this hotel room. I have to get up at 1600 and am going to bed shortly. I will take my normal dose of 5-10mg Melatonin p.o. and use this shifted toward Brownian noise over both speakers (which are not equally distanced form the bed on purpose). This will give the brain something to mull over while I sleep and the stomp monsters are about.

    This is night one with this website, more updates to follow.

    Enjoy Yinz’s day.

    Friday Night Cigar and Tequila, OPEN

    by coldwarrior ( 106 Comments › )
    Filed under Food and Drink, Friday Cigar, Open thread at April 12th, 2019 - 7:08 pm

    I have to work a ton of days coming up then off for a week. On the road once again.

    But now, it’s rewards time. Tonight’s Cigar is a Lot 23 Churchill from the boys at Perdomo.

    A great interview:

    Perdomo Lot 23 cigars are named after one of Tabacalera Perdomo’s prestigious farms located near its cigar factory in Esteli, Nicaragua. The late Nicolas Perdomo, Sr. pioneered the Perdomo Lot 23 project in 2000 with his son, Tabacalera Perdomo President, Nick Jr., clearing and preparing an untouched plot of extremely fertile, virgin land near their factory that now provides the distinct tobacco for Perdomo Lot 23 line.

    The Lot 23 blend is a combination of exquisite filler and binder tobaccos grown exclusively on the Perdomo Lot 23 farm. After harvesting the tobacco and aging it in bales for four years, Perdomo Lot 23 cigars were rolled and aged in one of Perdomo’s large aging rooms for another six months.

    Perdomo Lot 23 cigars are medium to full flavored cigars that offers a well-balanced, complex smoking experience. The dark Ecuadorian Connecticut-shade wrapper lends not only a stunning aesthetic appeal, but it adds an elegant creaminess which complements the robust Nicaraguan fillers in this premium Nicaraguan cigar.

    The history of some of these cigar brands and their founders can be fascinating:

    Following the Cuban Revolution of 1959, Silvio Perdomo was arrested by revolutionaries and imprisoned at the Isla de los Pinos prison, where he was held in harsh conditions for three years.[1] He was then transferred to captivity at the La Cabana fortress overlooking Habana Bay. He spent the next 12 years in prison at La Cabana and four other facilities as an enemy of the revolution of Fidel Castro.[1] Silvio was finally allowed to emigrate to the United States in 1974.[3]

    Nick Senior was also targeted by revolutionaries. He later recalled “The political views of my family and I were very anti-communist, and President Fulgencio Batista used to visit the factories frequently. Batista didn’t smoke cigars but, because it’s one of Cuba’s main exports, he was very interested in what my father and I were doing with the different cigar shapes and styles we were experimenting with.”[1] Nick Senior fought as a guerrilla against the communist forces during the revolution. He was shot twice in a fire fight and later removed from the hospital on a gurney to escape summary execution

    After recovering through the aid of a friend, Nick Senior emigrated to the United States via the Uruguayan Embassy[5] with the help of a sponsorship of the Catholic Church.[1] Nick Senior settled in Washington, DC, his connection with the cigar manufacturing industry severed. Alone in Washington, DC, he began his life as an immigrant to American working as a janitor in a mental institution for $11 per week, eventually rising to become one of the biggest general contractors in the state of Florida


    El Mayor Repasado is a solid 100% Agave tequila.

    Yellow color. Hot, herbal aromas of eucalyptus, vanilla, caramel, and mint with an oily, soft, moderately sweet medium body and a charming, breezy white pepper, dried starfruit, and sweet caramel candy finish. A rich reposado tequila for sipping or dessert cocktails.

    On the nose there is a noticeable white pepper aroma with some vanilla and light floral notes similar to honeysuckle. On the palate vanilla and caramel were the two distinct flavors but there were some light honey and apple flavors. The finish was moderate and light with caramel, vanilla, and honey and no burn. This was an exceptionally smooth tequila, no burn or bite and was truly an easy sipper. This one was best enjoyed neat as adding a splash diluted the flavor too much in my opinion. This is a great bottle of tequila for those looking for an easy sipper or something not too strong and also perfect for those looking to get into sipping tequilas as it is easy to approach. El Mayor Reposado is made from 100% blue agave and is aged for 9 months. Overall, I enjoyed this whiskey a bit more than I did the Blanco; however, both are good tequila worthy of a spot on any tequila lovers shelf.

    I take mine in a snifter, neat.

    Enjoy yinz’s weekend!

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