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Moundsville Well Pad Open

by Bumr50 ( 212 Comments › )
Filed under Open thread at May 23rd, 2023 - 12:15 am

Midnight on some mountain and I’ve got wiring to do.

Keep Calm and Frac On.

Here’s an open to get yinz through



Early May Grateful Dead Open

by coldwarrior ( 283 Comments › )
Filed under History, Music, Open thread, Random Grateful Post at May 10th, 2023 - 1:55 pm

Let’s take a step back.

The trees are green, the land is warming, we can’t let it rain anymore because the ground is sponge. In the North East of the US, finally we don’t have to scrape the windows of our cars from ice. I hate that sound. It’s depressing…then comes the 38F and rain…pneumonia and arthritis weather. A walk out on the morning dew today, yes.

Time to put in the gardens in, say a prayer to St Stephen, and Let It Grow. It’s the best of times.

Way back in 1977, this band called the Grateful Dead went on a tour. Well, they trouped along and ended up in Cornell U in NY on the night of the 8th of May, 1977. So, my friends…things happened…it is agreed by us boring Deadheads that this passage of May to June 77 was a seriously special time; their roadies are on record of being in amazement. They were DEAD on. Their music can be very unapproachable from a casual non Dead-Head point of view. However. Those of you who arent familiar. please listen.

Say ‘5 8 77’ to a Deadhead and they will nod, and then discuss how much better the show was two days prior or a few days after. At that point we are dancing on the head of a pin, and yinz ain’t angels n’at. The tunes they do from Merle Haggard Marty Robbins are perfect.

I’ll leave yins to go yinztube the shows if yinz want, It’s really great stuff.. I’ve got the heavy vinyl of 5/8/77 playing on a u turn deck, grado gold, into the monster: Mitsubishi DA-P10-->DA-A10 (the two capacitors will kill you on discharge)-->4x B&O redline 140s and and an onkyo (oddly enough) powered sub accompanied by a nice Davidoff cigar and a 1942 Don Julio tequila.

i’m gonna hit balls and be CC for the next few days (see the documentary ‘Caddyshack’)

I like this cat a lot. no commercial stuff by mentioning him

The Marmite Open

by coldwarrior ( 265 Comments › )
Filed under Food and Drink, Open thread at April 30th, 2023 - 5:16 pm

…he just smiled and gave me a vegemite sandwich…

I’ve never had Vegemite or Marmite. So why not! Let’s get to it.

In order to give this product the best possible chance, I made a fresh loaf of bread, toasted a fresh slice, put on the high fat Amish butter (if yinz don’t have Amish butter, i feel sad for yinz), and then a THIN coating of NZ’s own Marmite. Yep, It’s like tar and smells funky but spreads just fine.

I cut the toast into 4 parts and had the kids try it with me.

Well, the younger twin, FiaFia, said ‘I will never put that in my mouth again!’. The elder twin Vik said, ‘Interesting, but, I’m not a big fan, it’s weird’. The Puti loves it, and so do I. It’s a kick alright.

that with some fresh bread toast, farm eggs, and bacon is breakfast tomorrow!

It’s salty, with a great umami kick. The Puti said it’s like a soy sauce peanut butter. I’ll go with that.

Mrs Coldwarrior will try it when she gets home from work. I’ll update.

cheers, Aussie Infidel!

3/8″ Male or Female? Open

by coldwarrior ( 120 Comments › )
Filed under Open thread at April 24th, 2023 - 10:04 pm

Today, I swapped out the large NG gas space heater in the bar with a new IR version. HOLY CRAP!!! too many BTU’s on high setting, i can make stainless steel! this hardware is needed in the bar because of the topography and design of the house. At the front door, the roof is 2 stories up, at the back, 4 stories. the back half of the ‘basement'(bar) is above ground and opens to a large set of decks, all this points west into the Ohio river valley. The next highest point is somewhere around Lobo. The bar (so called basement) area has lots of glass for the view. We also get relentless wind (COLD from the NW and NNW). the highest point gets the most wind. that space just gets cold and then the rest of the house is ‘chilly’ if the space heater in the bar isnt regulating.

so, i unhooked the old heater, cleaned all the fittings for the gas line, took the trap and valve down to the local plumbing joint and explained what i needed. you see, the back of the box for the new heater says this, and i quote: “Requires 3/8″ female receptacle” that seemed odd as a junction for a gas appliance because usually a male end on the incoming gas line is used on flex pipe to screw into the female end of a space heater, or a stove… i even showed the old guy at the counter the pic of the back of the box. you see, i didnt want to open the box until i knew that all the gas fittings were fitted safely, and i didnt want to lose any parts. if the gas fittings weren’t leak-proofed, i would shut off the gas, call my neighbor / contactor and i’ll cook bbq for him and his family whilst he fixes my fuck-ups. however, i was air-tight with no leaks all the way out to the last shutoff valve. i can do some basic stuff, but i get very detail-oriented on gas lines.

so, easy, right? hook up the line to the heater. time to open the box that contains the blast furnace from J&L’s Aliquippa works….well, whaddya know. there is a 3/8″ female gas line receptacle to screw the last MALE fitting of the gas line into. Ummmhmmm….box sez requires female end for the gas line, but, the hardware is clearly female, requiring a male end. so, i took the last bit of flex hose back to the old guy behind the counter and told him that, indeed, there is a female fitting for gas line attachment. the outer box was a liar. he nodded the ‘old guy plumber nod’, and went and got the proper male fitting for the end of the flex line. he then said, “this must be one of those new god-damned transvestite heaters…” (in perfect pittsburghese).

i damned near passed out laughing. the two contractors in the joint were apoplectic. his delivery was so dead-pan perfect. i think, tho, the chinese manufacturer of this heater did this typo on purpose to make fun of us, and so they should.

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