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  • Monday Open

    by lobo91 ( 8 Comments › )
    Filed under Open thread at November 18th, 2019 - 11:15 pm

    Looks like the previous thread timed out.

    NCAA Football Week #11 2019 OPEN

    by coldwarrior ( 93 Comments › )
    Filed under College Football, Friday Cigar, Open thread at November 15th, 2019 - 10:08 pm

    Welcome to the Weekend Open!

    The Market is smashing through highs, the Dems look like whiny little Shiffs, and Trump is being Trump.

    I get a day off Saturday to watch some ball and hang out with the Girls! Woot. So I am starting Friday Evening with an Oliva Hellion and an El Mayor Repasado, neat. I even get to write this on the deck as it isn’t horribly cold. Life is good.

    So, we are 24/46…1200/1000 thus far, Up 20%.

    #23 Navy at #16 Notre Dame – Sat, Nov 16, 2:30 PM ET…Navy always plays ND tough. Navy is getting 7. 7. If ND doesn’t cover this spread they should not go to a bowl game. ND covers.

    #4 Georgia at #12 Auburn – Sat, Nov 16, 3:30 PM ET…This is going to be a great game. Auburn will cover the 3 that they are getting at home. That War Eagle Defense is something to behold.

    #8 Minnesota at #20 Iowa – Sat, Nov 16, 4:00 PM ET…The Gophers are 3 point dogs after their pummeling of PSU last week. The Hawkeyes will beat this spread.

    Incarnate Word at New Mexico State – Sat, Nov 16, 4:00 PM ET..Don’t even. You wanna bet against GOD?

    #10 Oklahoma at #13 Baylor – Sat, Nov 16, 7:30 PM ET…Time for Baylor to pay the piper. Oklahoma is giving 10 and beats this sread and ruins Baylor’s season.

    USC at California – Sat, Nov 16, 11:00 PM ET…USC is giving 4 at Berkley. The Trojans beat this spread. Sorry, Barbarian.

    Impeachment Circus Open

    by The Barbarian ( 131 Comments › )
    Filed under Uncategorized at November 13th, 2019 - 10:49 am

    A open thread to comment on the Schifft Show currently taking place at the House of Representatives and the Mainstream media.
    Drinking game would normally follow but hey, it’s a work day….

    And one more thing….ERIC CIARAMELLA!!!!!

    Veteran’s Day Open

    by lobo91 ( 67 Comments › )
    Filed under Open thread at November 11th, 2019 - 5:38 pm

    I would have put something up earlier, but I was busy celebrating at the oral surgeon in Albuquerque…

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