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  • Al Sharpton sells his life story rights for $531,000 (to his own charity)

    by Bunk X ( 112 Comments › )
    Filed under Humor, Progressives at December 3rd, 2018 - 1:21 am

    If he’s indeed selling his life story rights, we should purchase them for $531,001.00 and redefine him as a quadrasexual alien nematode.

    Just a thought.

    NCAA D1 Football Week 14 2018 Championship Weekend Open

    by coldwarrior ( 176 Comments › )
    Filed under College Football, Open thread at November 30th, 2018 - 5:00 pm

    3/6 even last week 56/98 overall $2050/1000. I’ve doubled my money and am beating the stock market quite nicely. Good thing I did’t get out at $1650/1000. If it were real money I would have ran at that point.

    Welcome to Week 14! Championship week.

    #17 Utah at #11 Washington – Fri, Nov 30, 8:00 PM ET – Utah is getting 5 in the PAC-12 Championship game. I think W can beat that spread if they show up like they did against Washington State.

    #14 Texas at #5 Oklahoma – Sat, Dec 1, 12:00 PM ET – Texas is getting 8 in the Big-12 Championship game. These two teams HATE EACH OTHER, and this is the second time that they have played each other this year. Its a close one and the Longhorns cover.

    Stanford at California – Sat, Dec 1, 3:00 PM ET – The Tree is a 3 point favorite in Reno for this smoke and fire re-scheduled game. The Tree beats the spread, sorry Barbarian.

    #1 Alabama at #4 Georgia – Sat, Dec 1, 4:00 PM ET – ‘Bama is giving 12 in the SEC Championship game. Twelve. this is #1 versus #4 and the spread is 12. That is how much better the ‘Tide are than everyone else. Georgia will be playing for their very play-off lives. they are on the bubble with one loss. Twelve points…man…’Bama covers.

    #25 Fresno State at #22 Boise State – Sat, Dec 1, 7:45 PM ET – This game is a pick ’em! I pick ’em Boise State.

    #2 Clemson at Pittsburgh – Sat, Dec 1, 8:00 PM ET – Clemson are giving my Beloved Panthers 27 in the ACC championship game. PITT beats the spread.

    #21 Northwestern at #6 Ohio State – Sat, Dec 1, 8:00 PM ET – there is no line on this game, no one wants any part of it. neither do I.

    ***tally update for next week I was 2/6 today and now 58/104 overall $1850/1000***

    Guest Post: Dorian on Elon Musk

    by coldwarrior ( 119 Comments › )
    Filed under Open thread, Science, Space Exploration at November 27th, 2018 - 6:26 pm

    I must admit, I was not a big fan of Elon Musk and his coal fired car until Dorian explained why it fits in the big “Get The Hell Off This Rock” drive that Musk has.

    On to the guest post, thanks, Dorian:

    Smoking Hot Nerd of the Month: Elon Musk
    Posted on November 27, 2018 by doriangrey1

    American’s don’t just dream, they dream BIG. Hell, nobody dreams as big as American’s. Our dreams are so damned big, they took us where ever other rational logical human being that has ever lived said we could never go. We took our unbelievably huge dreams all the way to the fucking MOON.

    Elon Musk’s dreams were so damned big, they were to large for his native Canada, and he had to come to America to see those dreams prosper. Good for Elon.

    Love him, or hate him, there is no denying that Elon Musk dreams in as large a technicolor as any American ever dreamed of dreaming.

    There are more Elon hater’s than Democrat illegal fraudulent voters. Some, tragically my fellow conservatives, shortsightedly hate Elon because he receives Government subsidizes for his companies. To which I say. Fucking suck it up buttercup. Christopher Columbus received subsidizes from Isabella of Spain to discover North America. The higher the risk, the more subsidizes are required because pants wetters won’t put up their money to advance human knowledge or technology if their is more than a 20 percent chance they will not receive a return on their investment.

    Now… to everyone else who has whatever godforsaken my penis/vagina feels threatened excuse for hating Elon… I say… Go fuck yourself.

    Why do I love and admire Elon? Nope… It 100 percent has nothing to do with his celebrity statues or his wealth. Its because I actually comprehend his dream. More importantly, and this truly is the key. I understand what the obstacles standing in the way of his dream are.

    Unlike some talking assholes… err did I say assholes? Surely I meant to say talking heads, (what? No I couldn’t possible be talking about Neil deAsshole Tyson) Elon doesn’t just talk shit and rake in the big bucks.

    Elon Musk has a dream of one day actually walking himself on the face of the planet Mars. Not settling for sending a robot, but actually taking the insanely huge risk of going there himself.

    Elon is smart and determined. I would sing up yesterday to be in his copilot seat even if the odds of my dying were over 70 percent. Elon is way to smart to hire someone like me as a copilot, just in case any of you were thinking of encouraging him to take me with him.

    Yes. Elon’s dream is so huge it is (for the vast majority of you) incomprehensible. But the part that shatters the entire concept of impossible or even crazy… Is that his dream is not Impossible. Even in his lifetime it is not impossible. Ok… So you are a douchebag who is angry about his Tesla Automobile. Breaking NEW FLASH asswipe. The Internal combustion engine don’t work on MARS. Not enough atmosphere, and the wrong gases to boot.

    Everything he is doing is about creating the technology to get and stay on Mars (at least long enough to return home again). As I said before, suck it up buttercup and quit being a pussy.

    Oh… His sense of humor, my god its glorious…

    The Witch Returns

    by coldwarrior ( 76 Comments › )
    Filed under Open thread at November 26th, 2018 - 9:03 am

    The Great Lakes in November.

    18 Foot Waves.

    The crew of the Edmund Fitzgerald faced 25 foot waves. Shipping on the Great Lakes stops this time of year because of that event.

    The Comments are worth reading, the vid has radio traffic from that day. I’ve been on the shore of Superior during a nasty storm, I’ve been on the beach in a gale in Ireland. They looked exactly the same.

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