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Solar Eclipse, 2024 Open

by coldwarrior ( 332 Comments › )
Filed under Astronomy, Open thread at April 7th, 2024 - 10:42 am

We are firmly ensconced at G’Ma and Papap Coldwarrior’s palatial estate in the far northwest corner of PA for the 2024 solar eclipse. Their property lies in the path of totality. I have brought along the Meade 10″ Newtonian telescope with the solar filter from Thousand Oaks Optical (my favorite filter company for optics, excellent products). Eclipse time is about 3pm Monday. We gave the kids Monday and Tuesday off from school, however, they must provide a report and details of the event for their science teacher.

The City of Erie and the surrounding counties are going to make a fortune! The highways leading here all have a state trooper and tow trucks at all exit ramps.

I’ll try to provide updates during the event.

This is also an open.

Hmmmm…open 2024

by coldwarrior ( 140 Comments › )
Filed under Open thread at March 27th, 2024 - 12:56 am

the last post had a vid of The Fields of Athenry…they sing of a free bird…

free bird…




Happy St Pats! Open 2024

by coldwarrior ( 208 Comments › )
Filed under Open thread, Rugby at March 17th, 2024 - 1:40 am

Ireland won their second in a row 6 Nations Rugby Championship.

In Dublin

On St Patrick’s

Who among yinz would not like to be there this weekend?

…the fields of Athernry….

it’s an open, good on yinz Ireland Rugby.

against the famine and the crown…

There are few things I treasure more than singing ‘The Fields of Athenry’ at the top of my lungs with the Irish fans versus the All Blacks in the late 80’s at Landsdowne Rd in Dublin, sorry AI!!!

Super-Duper Tuesday 2024 OPEN.

by coldwarrior ( 221 Comments › )
Filed under Donald Trump, elections 2024, Open thread at March 5th, 2024 - 10:58 am

A clean sweep by Trump? 😆

It’s an Open, because the outcome is inevitable.

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