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NCAA College Football Week 3 2021 Open

by coldwarrior ( 228 Comments › )
Filed under College Football, Open thread at September 17th, 2021 - 6:23 am


result for week 2: 2/3 =$100, so we are at 1 8/11 $1500/$1000. %50 ROI? I should stop here!


#16 Coastal Carolina at Buffalo 12:00 PM ESPN2…CC and the Mullet is a 14 point favorite and covers.

#8 Cincinnati at Indiana 12:00 PM ESPN…IU has been not too bead recently…but speed kills. Cinci is a 3.5 favorite and covers.

#15 Virginia Tech at West Virginia 12:00 PM FS1…The ‘Neers are 2.5 dogs at home. I don’t like this line. I’m gonna take the ‘Neers to cover tho.

#1 Alabama at #11 Florida 3:30 PM CBS…The Gators are 15 point dogs at home. ‘Bama is ‘Bama. Therefore, I think FL won’t cover.

#22 Auburn at #10 Penn State 7:30 PM ABC…WHITE OUT game at Happy Valley. PSU is a 5 point favorite at home and covers. This team has looked really good. The QB has the tools to play on Sunday.

***week: 3/5 +$100, so we are at 11/16 $1600/$1000.***

NCAA College Football Open week 2 2021, 20 years since 9/11

by coldwarrior ( 296 Comments › )
Filed under College Football, Open thread at September 10th, 2021 - 10:06 am


I wondered…should we go with a football thread on the same day as the 20th anniversary of 9/11?

Yes, yes we should.and we should remember as well. We can do both.

**result for week 1 6/8 $1400/$1000***

Pittsburgh at Tennessee 12:00 PM…”Johnny Majors and the Pitt Script When Pitt and Tennessee meet on Saturday (noon ET, ESPN), they’ll honor legendary coach Johnny Majors, who coached at both schools. Former Majors assistant Jackie Sherrill, who succeeded him at Pitt, will serve as the Panthers’ honorary captain.” Well now, my Beloved Panthers versus Rain’s Vols in TN! My Panthers are a 3 point favorite on the road and will cover!

#10 Iowa at #9 Iowa State 4:30 PM…Both Teams ranked and playing for the Corn Trophy! This is gonna be a good one. Iowa State is a 4.5 point favorite, which i find hard to believe, the Hawkeyes cover.

Nothing else is piquing my interest…i might add something later.

Athough…this just might!

Kansas at #17 Coastal Carolina 7:30 PM FRIDAY…CC is a 27 point favorite??? Nah, they wont cover.

NCAA College Football Open week 1 and 2 2021

by coldwarrior ( 275 Comments › )
Filed under College Football, Friday Cigar, Open thread at September 2nd, 2021 - 3:45 pm

It’s an open thread, discuss what yinz want to.

Week 1 had no games that were interesting, Week 2 does. So, as usual, let’s start with $1000 and make some bets for $100 each unless otherwise stated.


#4 Ohio State at Minnesota 8:00 PM. O State is a 14 point favorite and won’t cover this spread on the road against a bunch of 13 striped pocket gophers.

Bowling Green at Tennessee 8:00 PM: The VOls are giving 35??? Nope. BGSU covers. Sorry Eagles and Rain!


Michigan State at Northwestern 9:00 PM: Wildcats are 3 point favorites against the lowly Spartans. The Wildcats are pretty erratic tho…but 3 points…at home…I’m picking the Spartans to cover.


#19 Penn State at #12 Wisconsin 12:00 PM. This is a VERY important early game for both programs. Camp Randall is hell to play in, the noise is unreal. Penn State is 5.5 point dog tho??? Nah, they cover.

#17 Indiana at #18 Iowa 3:30 PM. IU is giving 3, they have been pretty good the last couple of years, they cover at Iowa.

#23 Louisiana at #21 Texas 4:30 PM: Ragin Cajuns ranked!!! They are getting 8 points. I don’t think that they cover. They just might win tho!

#5 Georgia at #3 Clemson 7:30 PM: Easily the game of the week. UGA is giving 3 at Death Valley. This is a tough one. UGA covers. But I don’t feel great about this pick.

**result for week 1 and 2 6/8 $1400/$1000***

A New Open. And John Cleese has had enough

by coldwarrior ( 353 Comments › )
Filed under Entertainment, Humor, Open thread at August 27th, 2021 - 10:28 pm

Like him or not, Cleese has new show going after the communist cancel culture. They will need to be very very careful. Cleese is a brilliant guy who can gut you while smiling politely and then you thank him for the evisceration.

Last year, the comedian slammed cancel culture, saying that it puts “emotionally unstable and fragile” people in positions of power. “Everything humorous is critical,” the Monty Python star said at the time. “If you have someone who is perfectly kind and intelligent and flexible and who always behaves appropriately, they’re not funny.”

This cracked me up some months ago

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