How Do I Get an Avatar?

An avatar is the personal, and unique  image that accompanies your posts.

Obtaining an avatar is simple, and getting one from gravatar.com is FREE. Once you’ve signed up with gravatar.com you can upload your avatar image and soon after you’ll start seeing it on this site.

*Although we have found gravatar.com to be extremely useful for this purpose, it is not the only site that provides this service.  This site is only presented as an example.  Furthermore, we are not in any way associated with gravatar.com, and therefor not responsible for it anything found thereon, or stemming therefrom.

What Does It Mean When You Say This Blog Is A Blogmocracy?

Unlike most blogs throughout the Blogosphere, our main interest is user appreciation, and participation.  We model ourselves on the ideals of Liberty, and Freedom which were originally provided by the United States of America.  Therefore, the individuals who post comments on The Blogmocracy are not merely commenters on someone else s blog, but “citizens” of a shared endeavor.  As citizens, The Blogmocracy allows those who comment a say as to what we post, how we post it, topics we cover, and pretty much any other suggestions that you offer. Also, when it comes to major decisions that will affect our citizens, we grant them the right to vote, and provide them a forum to do so.  In short, we encourage you to “tell us how to run our blog”.

In addition, insofar that we consider you citizens of The Blogmocracy and not simply subjects, we encourage free speech, differing opinions, differing backgrounds, differing values, and religious freedom.  Our commitment to your freedom and liberty extends to opinions, and statements which are not held by the Admins, and even those that might actually be greatly offensive to the Admins personally.  Accordingly, the Admins will not threaten citizens with banning for comments that go against the grain, criticize the Blog, criticize the Admins, or otherwise would get you banned at other blogs as long as the citizen is polite and respectful to everyone while doing so.  However, as with all other liberties, ours comes with responsibility, and has its limits.

What Do I Do If I Want To Make A Suggestion To The Admins?

If you wish to voice your opinion as a citizen, and make a suggestion to The Blogmocracy? Send us an email! Blogmocracy @ comcast . net

What is “Nic-Jacking” and Why Can’t We Do It?

“Nic-Jacking” is when one citizen poster takes and uses the identity of another poster, and pretends to be him or her on The Blogmocracy while leaving a comment.  Most often “nic-jacking” is done as satire against well known posters at other blogs, or even their blog owners.  Although the Admins understand that often the intent of the “nic-jacking” is that of humor, or frivolity, the harm it does to the essential trust and community of The Blogmocracy outweighs any usefulness of this behavior.

Accordingly, “nic-jacking” of any kind, against any individual, for any purpose, is thoroughly abhorred by the Admins of The Blogmocracy!  If one is caught “nic-jacking,” (after being warned) it will most likely lead to their immediate banning

Is there anything we cannot say at The Blogmocracy?

The Blogmocracy prides itself on its protection of the unfettered free flow of ideas between our citizens (posters).  Therefore, we have a strict policy of defending, and respecting the idea of one’s free speech, and right to say practically anything they wish (but should be prepared to defend it). Accordingly, in almost all cases, if there is any question as to the acceptability of one’s speech we will lean towards letting it stand, and against any form of censorship.

However, like all freedoms, the freedom of speech at The Blogmocracy has its limits, and certain types of speech are simply unacceptable and will not be tolerated.  It is the policy of The Blogmocracy that all of its citizens (posters) hold themselves up to the highest standard of civility, and above all be polite.  If an Admin becomes aware that one is violating the reasonable standard of politeness, actions will be taken to rectify the problem such as warnings, deletions, or if the problem persists; banning. (see the About page for policies of banning and deletions).

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