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NCAAA Football Week 14 2022. Championship Week OPEN

by coldwarrior ( 196 Comments › )
Filed under College Football, Friday Cigar, Open thread at December 2nd, 2022 - 10:55 pm

Written from the deck whilst (yes, I said whilst) smoking a brisket and an Opus X:

Well, i’m back down to $1000/1000. If this were real money, I would have quit at being +600., as I said.

But, this aint real money and it is Championship Week.

I am smoking a Fuente Opus X. Insane expensive, I didn’t buy it, it was gifted by an MD I work with.  I helped him through his rotation in the ER (a rare resident MD who actually asked the RNs questions, more on that later). Tabacalera A. Fuente make some insane excellent cigars. This one is just…It might be the best cigar that I have ever had.

10 minutes later…yep. Good God. Ok, I get it.

Lets mess with some ball:

At the time of writing, USC is losing the PACwhatever to Utah.   This kills any chance of a team in west making it to the playoffs. Keep playing fagbollsoccer westies! Participation trophies to all yins. Like i said at the beginning of the year, the PAC? is gonna be over rated again…Oregon…just like every year. I remember the days where the UCLA v USC game was the gateway to Rose Bowl, and glory heaped upon the victors by Keith Jackson aka Plini the Elder).

It’s desolate in the football west. Sad hunks of metal of what were proud, dominating football machines are meandering in mediocrity and can’t quite get their footing, any footing, something. It’s a sad as hell day when USC or UCLA aren’t part of the End Of Year ‘Who’s the best?’

So who is the best? After what M just did to ohIo….go dot an i osu. I can’t say that I was upset by this because, to be really honest,  the only people who I know who are more obnoxious and single minded than PSU fans are the Ohio State faithful. I’m a PITT guy and live half way between the two nut farms. O or M….well, I know folks who graduated from both. BUT…my great uncle was M Law…so that trumps it. Now, M has to get on the horse. They will most likely have to play SEC…GEORGIA if they get that far.

There are no participation trophies today, who gets to the playoffs is done after tonight:

9-3 Utah just crushed 11-1 USC at the time of writing, maybe USC makes the playoffs as the sad gimp from the hinterland. Probably not.

None of the Championship games matter this year because the big divisions got so big so fast the they cut them up in to two, east west, north south… Watch these inter-divisions go away after this abysmal showing.

Michigan and Ohio State are in the same group of the Big10…M gets to play some team from another group…Perdue, i think, to win the big 10. Maybe M and OSU might have to play twice, throw PSU in there…Purdue??? Purdue.

Same thing in the other groups. I can see where this divisions in leagues goes away real fast.

This is the worst Championship Saturday that I have ever seen and I have no interest in any of the games. Let’s look:

  @  3 TCU
12:00 PM


Woops…..the line is 1.5 against the frogs? TCU covers x$600!!!


14 LSU
  @  1 Georgia
4:00 PM

18 points? this is supposed to be AN SEC CHAMPIONSHIP GAME!!!

bite me


  @  2 Michigan
8:00 PM

8-4 Boilermakers V 12-0 Michigan for the Big 10 Championship??? the line is 17. so what.

There are other games, but what matters is the playoff picture.

Georgia, Michigan…and the also rans. I must admit, I do love watching Ohio State implode over and over again.

Maybe recruit some better people with a modicum character instead of fast hood rats. Woody Hayes would have done this differently.

College football is a wonderful thing, a day out supporting my Beloved Panthers as an undergraduate, graduate, and then as a dad with my kids and wife (also a grad) is something special. It’s the Alma Mater, the comradery, and the knowledge in your heart  that those people from that other school are under educated neanderthal scum! But I digress, It’s OK that there is almost zero interest in my college football rantings here. Yinz put up with me. And that makes this all worth it.

NCAA Football Week 13 2022, Rivalry Week

by coldwarrior ( 277 Comments › )
Filed under College Football, Open thread at November 25th, 2022 - 8:58 am

I have to do this as a drive by….

There is only one game that matters today and that is:


  @  2 Ohio State
12:00 PM

The line moved from 7.5 to 8 yesterday with Ohio as the favorite. They beat this spread.


/—-i may update tonight, i have no idea when i am working saturday so i had to put this up early. later yinz!—/

NCAA Football Week 12 2022 Coelacanth Open

by coldwarrior ( 274 Comments › )
Filed under College Football, Open thread at November 18th, 2022 - 9:33 pm

Numazu Deep Sea Aquarium and Coelacanth Museum.

Ill get round to the pics and such tomorrow

NCAA College Football Week 11 ‘Steal that Ball!’ Open

by coldwarrior ( 277 Comments › )
Filed under College Football, Open thread at November 12th, 2022 - 12:21 pm

If you play the game long enough, you  will get the desired outcome. Too bad the GOPSTERS don’t care to understand that truism. Germany has 83 million people and is finished counting votes that night. AZ has how many people? 400k people in GA voted for the GOP Governor but then split their ticket and voted for commie Warnock against the Georgia Legend Herschel Walker?

Anyway, last week I was 1/3. I bet against the line on the Vols and my Beloved Panthers and got burned. So, down to $1300/1000.

  @  11 Ole Miss
3:30 PM

Nick Saban has 2 losses this season. TWO!!! It’s the END TIMES!!!! Vegas is giving Ole Miss 11 points at home. ‘Bama covers.

  @  6 Oregon
7:00 PM

The Ducks have a lousy pass defense and are favored by 12 at home. W has a damn fine QB and will cover. This is gonna be a loooong game as both teams are pass happy. The over/under on time of game is 4 hours! Bring a lunch.

  @  18 Texas
7:30 PM

OK peeps, something fishy is going on here. TCU is a 7 point dog but are ranked #4 versus a #18. Like I said, I don’t bet with real money, but I have been watching the lines for years and this looks fishy. On paper, TCU should be the favorite by 10. I’ll go with Texas to cover. SOMEBODY knows something and I’m going with them…

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