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Do the POTatUS Shuffle

by Bunk Five Hawks X ( 249 Comments › )
Filed under Music, Open thread at March 18th, 2023 - 5:57 pm

Fun in Meat World Open / 08mar23

by coldwarrior ( 305 Comments › )
Filed under Open thread at March 8th, 2023 - 3:04 pm

hey yinz, there may be some very, very good things happening to me and mrs coldwarrior over the next month or so here in meat world. this stuff will take up a lot of my time tho. so if anyone sees a thread going on too long, go ahead and put something up. thanks ahead of time.

A Shocking Vodka Open

by coldwarrior ( 246 Comments › )
Filed under Food and Drink, Open thread at February 26th, 2023 - 1:08 am

Well, it’s all fun and games until someone puts an eye out, or until someone just up and blows up the game.

The predictable fun is over. A bunch of rebel Finnians just disrupted the very predictable vodka game. Poland or Russia? Potato or wheat? BLAH BLAH BLAH!


I am both shocked and somewhat satisfied that a small batch whiskey crew made in the west of Ireland even got to get a consideration to be in THE DREADED CHALLENGE at our place. The Dreaded Challenge is a simple, multiple blind test. We don’t do this if either of us has to work in the morning or that we think that the vodka in question is even worth testing.

New vodka in the house that is even accepted (fail is relegated to mixes and not bought again) is taken in small sips at cellar temp V Stoli, v Reka, V Tito’s V snow queen. Now, mind yinz, Mrs Coldwarrior was completely gobsmacked when Tito’s won over even some really over the top Russian stuff a few years ago.

Fail: Rain (organic shit, the worst vodka ever,) I cant’t remember the name of the other crap, i used it to make vodka sauce and an infusion. But I digress.

Both of us dutifully tested each other with 4+1 Vodkas. Reka, Snow Queen, Tito’s, Stoli, versus the Straw Boys. One test was before dinner, one after. Yinz will notice that I haven’t included any ’boutique’ brands…Chriraq, Skullz, well, we aren’t rap stars or comedians with a brand to sell.


Vodka is simple. it’s not hard, make a grain neutral spirit that feels good on the palate. And that’s the rub. It’s a tricky thing, potato, rye, wheat…rice…yep…rice..Haku from Suntory, rice vodka that, while smooth, has a fun Saki kick. Didn’t make the Dreaded Challenge but is always on hand.

Anyone reading closely eyeballed Snow Queen…it’s a long story and one of the best bottles of booze in the wold.

End results: The Finnians beat everyone in 4 blind tastes over two days.

Night Yinz!

2/18/23 Open

by coldwarrior ( 297 Comments › )
Filed under Open thread at February 18th, 2023 - 3:42 am

Jambalaya Cajun Band, Liberty Theater, Eunice, LA, Mardi Gras 2013

Just got home, enjoy this open!

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