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Sanitation Down Below

by Bunk Five Hawks X ( 166 Comments › )
Filed under Open thread at February 24th, 2024 - 4:19 pm

Sanitation railcar, Queen Mine, Bisbee, Arizona

Figured we could use a new thread. Have at it.

Grad School and Ballistics, up from the vault. OPEN

by coldwarrior ( 314 Comments › )
Filed under Open thread at February 13th, 2024 - 6:44 pm

A friend, who i went to HS with, went computer science at one of the universities in pgh after we left high school. i just learned he died (cancer). he was part of this, so i will resurrect it as it lives no where else anymore. RIP my friend. And to my friend, Iron Fist. We had a great laugh on a phone call about this newsgroup post.

remember when we could joke about guns?

From a post year ago:

Many, many years ago I ran across the below comments that were on a CMU server. I ran across the bookmark last night and clicked on it…lo and behold it still exists! This is long, very funny, and posted here for your enjoyment. I have made sure to follow the copyright rules as posted on the about page. I thank Faisal N. Jawdat for not deleting this 18 years ago. This is an open and gun thread.

So, pour a drink, sit back, and have a read. This is well worth the effort.

Grad School and Automatic Weapons

Newsgroups: talk.bizarre
Subject: Grad school and automatic weapons
From: (Tom Fawcett)
Date: 3 Nov 92 19:22:13 GMT

Geek and weapons humor ripped off from DESPERADO.

22-May-87 19:26 Presentation announcement

It’s common knowledge that whenever you get two or more CS grad students together, the conversation will inevitably drift to the same topic: automatic weapons. Lately, we’ve noticed that whenever we attend a CS party, picnic, or bullsession, we always hear the same questions and discussions, usually from the younger grad students:

“When I switched from guncotton to standard ball powder on my .223 loads, the gas ports on my M16 would clog like you wouldn’t believe. Steer clear of that stuff.”

“You haven’t cleared an ejection port jam until you’ve cleared one in the Hill district at 4:00 AM on a Saturday morning.”

“I want to mount an M60 in front of the sun roof of my Tercel, but the mounting bracket wasn’t drilled for import cars. How did Josh Bloch do his?”

“What exactly are those special ‘conference rounds’ that Newell hand loads before AAAI every year?”

“Some of my friends at the MIT AI Lab don’t like M203’s because the grenade adds too much weight, but I wouldn’t have gotten out of IJCAI-85 in one piece if it hadn’t been for those 40mm flechette rounds. What do you think?”

“Do you have to be a god-damned tenured professor to get teflon rounds at this place?”

“Does the ‘reasonable person principle’ cover hosing down a member of the Soar project after he’s used the phrase ‘cognitively plausible’ for the fifteenth time in a 20 minute conference talk?”

“Where *did* Prof. Vrsalovic get that Kalashnikov AK-47?”

“I used to use Dri-Slide to lube my M16. How come my advisor says Dri-Slide is for momma’s boys and Stanford profs?”

“Does the way Jon Webb keeps flicking the safety of his Mac-10 on and off at thesis defenses make you nervous, too?”

In short, there is a lot of concern in this department for the proper care, handling and etiquette of automatic weapons. So as a service to the department, we are starting a two week daily series on “The Care and Handling of Your M16A1.” Every day for the next two weeks, we will post on the wall outside our office the day’s helpful hint on care and maintenance of that good old departmental standby: the M16A1. Our thanks to the US Army, whose training manuals we have shamelessly cribbed for material.
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Let’s Review…Open

by coldwarrior ( 77 Comments › )
Filed under Open thread at February 10th, 2024 - 6:05 am

From our FAQ page:

Is there anything we cannot say at The Blogmocracy?
The Blogmocracy prides itself on its protection of the unfettered free flow of ideas between our citizens (posters). Therefore, we have a strict policy of defending, and respecting the idea of one’s free speech, and right to say practically anything they wish (but should be prepared to defend it). Accordingly, in almost all cases, if there is any question as to the acceptability of one’s speech we will lean towards letting it stand, and against any form of censorship.

However, like all freedoms, the freedom of speech at The Blogmocracy has its limits, and certain types of speech are simply unacceptable and will not be tolerated. It is the policy of The Blogmocracy that all of its citizens (posters) hold themselves up to the highest standard of civility, and above all be polite. If an Admin becomes aware that one is violating the reasonable standard of politeness, actions will be taken to rectify the problem such as warnings, deletions, or if the problem persists; banning. (see the About page for policies of banning and deletions).

From the About Page

See, what was happening here under total free speech was that people were throwing personal insults at each other instead of having a civilized disagreement and discussing the issue; it was likened to chimpanzees throwing feces at each other. The following is just an excerpt of one day (yes it was a bad day) before 1300EST on a weekday across multiple threads:

You cut and pasted that, asshole.

You’re a libturd loser.

Fuck you you commie loving bastard.

We have a blithering idiot on aisle 16.

You are a jackoff and go fuck your self.

This was frankly disrespectful not only to those reading but to those who worked hard to bring us quality posts.

These are clearly personal attacks. We can’t tolerate that anymore. Frankly, if you were reading a blog somewhere and you saw that…what would you think?

Now, as for vulgarities.

We aren’t banning swearing, we are asking for some restraint. We reserve the right to delete comments if they are inappropriate. What is inappropriate? See the Supreme Court decision on pornography. ‘We know it when we see it’. Please, we are all adults here. Have some respect. Will we be a nanny blog, no.We will let most things slide but we still have to reserve the right to delete.

The other problem we were having was people continuing arguments across threads and across days.We aren’t going to put up with that. Keep it on the thread where the fight started and we will let all yinz (y’all, youze guys) fight it out. We will even put up a fight thread so that the issue can be argued and settled there. Do not chase people across threads.

In order to have all sides heard we, the owners have a few rules. They are simple, and they should be fairly obvious to anyone who comments on blogs. Care to guess what they are? No? OK, Check these out:

The owners reserve the right to delete a comment if they think that the comment is foul, a personal attack, or is generally over the line of civil discourse. Will the owners use this hammer? Hopefully never. We really we don’t want to have to do that here. Ask yourself this:

Would you say that in the meat world to a real human who is standing right in front of you?

Just because we don’t delete or act on a comment does not mean the we agree or condone with the comment.

ANYTHING written on this blog is the responsibility of the person who wrote it period.

Any failure of comprehension is on the writer when emoticons or sarc tags could have been used to clarify meaning and nuance.

Any Blog owner who posts here might be held to their rules on their blogs. After all what’s good for the goose…

Please be aware of the rules and societal standards.


South Carolina Primaries 2024 Open

by coldwarrior ( 259 Comments › )
Filed under elections 2024, Open thread at January 29th, 2024 - 9:37 am

The primary is 03 February.

This is going up early as I have to do a quick turnaround at home and get back on the road for work. Much to do, little time.

But today, Me and Phoebe the blog dog are gonna be couch potatoes and watch mindless something on TV.

Enjoy this Open

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