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Do the POTatUS Shuffle

by Bunk Five Hawks X ( 206 Comments › )
Filed under Music, Open thread at March 18th, 2023 - 5:57 pm

Biden calls for a New World Order

by Phantom Ace ( 5 Comments › )
Filed under Democratic Party, Headlines, Progressives, Tranzis at April 7th, 2013 - 6:24 pm

Joe Biden shows his Tranzi Progressive/Globalist colors in this speech.

Joe Biden Proves His Idiocy In Spectacular Fashion, Once Again

by Flyovercountry ( 197 Comments › )
Filed under Democratic Party, Politics at March 4th, 2013 - 11:30 am

I realize the, “Joe Biden is a big fat idiot,” meme is nothing new. I also realize that picking on the mentally retarded is one of the most unforgivable social faux pas our society has seen fit to hang around the necks of the mean. With that being said however, let’s keep in mind that Joe, “The Irretrievably Stupid,” Biden is literally one errant Barack Obama heartbeat from being President of The United States. (Please dear God Almighty, let President Obama survive these next four years at least.) Not content with his public statements saying the same thing, Joe decided after being laughed at universally to double down and embellish his moronic advice. Please enjoy the demonstration on the relative ease experienced in the usage of shotguns and AR15’s.

Putting aside for the moment the fact that Joe’s stated purpose for the Second Amendment is at best a foolish attempt at a straw man. Meaning that the real purpose for that particular addition to our Bill of Rights was included so that our citizenry would always be on an even footing with our government in terms of ability to inflict their wills upon others. Our founding fathers thought it a good idea to make sedition against the law of the land, but at the same time, they also wanted to make certain that the people who formed any government would be as afraid of the citizens as the citizens were of the government. Don’t push too hard, these town folk will always have the ability to push back was the only purpose for Amendment number Two.

Putting aside the fact for the moment that Joe’s idea of self defense for his wife is certain to get her killed or worse should any actual danger ever befall her out there in the seclusion of the Woods. Even the world’s dumbest criminals can count to two, a feat that quite frankly may be a bit much for Joe himself to handle. A shotgun makes a distinctive sound when fired, and most of them come with the limited capability of firing two rounds. Having your wife go out in the open offered by a balcony and announce to the world that, “I’m out of ammo for at least the amount of time it takes my nervous hands to reload this thing,” may be the single dumbest thing to have people in that frightening situation do. (For those of you who made disparaging comments about Sarah Palin’s intellect while holding Joe out to be some sort of foreign policy wonk really need to go and get that cat scan you’ve been putting off.)

At the very heart of all of this lies the fact that Joe must not have ever in his life actually fired a weapon. I have no doubt that with proper training, women in general, just like men can learn how to handle a shotgun. With that being said, having someone you care about go out into the dark of night and for the first time fire off two blasts with a weapon they’ve never learned how to properly use will only get them killed. Joe and his wife don’t need to worry about that however, they have Secret Service Protection as well as other security services provided to our national leaders at our expense. Joe’s wife has never had to worry in the slightest about home intruders you see, with the bevy of body guards, all of whom are armed to the teeth. That secluded home is doubtless not quite the lonely solitude of horror film proportion that Joe makes it out to be. Just another disingenuous attempt by a leftist to convince us that they can identify with what worries us on a daily basis. So Joe, just make certain that Jill is careful when firing that fictitious double blast into the air, we wouldn’t want some poor Secret Service Agent or Body Guard to get hurt with what falls back to Earth in those extremely crowded woods around your house.

The rest of us who inhabit a little place I like to call reality however are not quite so lucky that we can rely on survival no matter how stupidly we act. The rest of us Mr. Vice President need to use our heads for something other than a place to sport our transplanted hair.

Cross Posted from Musings of a Mad Conservative,

Pre Veep Debate Predictions.

by Flyovercountry ( 89 Comments › )
Filed under Elections 2012, Politics at October 11th, 2012 - 6:00 pm

Political Cartoons by Jerry Holbert

First, enjoy some Bidenisms from the days of yore.

Prediction number one, unfortunately, the above pictured Joe Biden will not make an appearance at the debate. They gave Joe and unprecedented 7 days off from the rigors of electioneering so that he might be able to sober up and prepare for this event. For anyone who watched the 2 hour piece of dishonesty entitled, “Game Change,” that was produced by HBO Films know exactly what this means. You can always tell, eventually, what tricks Democrats pull. Eventually, they will accuse Republicans of pulling these tricks, unfortunately it will be before we had even heard of it or though it possible. Nancy Pelosi’s term Astro Turf is one example of this. Nancy labeled the Tea Party, “Astro Turf,” which no one on our side understood, until she explained that it meant manufacturing the appearance of support by busing in paid protesters, supporters, and falsifying news reports in order to fool the public into believing that there existed a bandwagon effect. Sure enough, about a week later, Andrew Breitbart was able to elicit a confession at a protest that the activists a)had no idea what they were protesting, and b) were paid a decent wage by an ACORN group, which still exist by the way, for their protesting services.

In the movie, “Game Change,” Sarah Palin was accused of memorizing 45 minutes worth of script in order to merely pivot to her prepared remarks as the answer to any question, and then just recite what she had been taught to recite, similar to a trained monkey who had mastered somehow the miracle of speech. Remember, in the game of, “is the Republican evil, old, or stupid,” nothing fits Sarah Palin except for the label of stupid. After watching the movie, I took a stroll down memory lane and watched the debate again. Guess what, if anyone appeared to have simply answered questions with prose that existed irrespective of the questions entirely, it was Joe Biden. I do not remember if Joltin Joe needed a full week to prepare in 2008, but it would not surprise me at all. Joe is a polished professional politician with decades of experience. He knows how to hold it together for an hour and a half when he needs to.

This debate will be the same format as the debate we saw last week, but the time segments, supposedly, will be 5 minutes shorter. There were several times during the first debate where Jim Lehrer was accused of losing control and not doing enough to stop the beating that Barack Obama was taking, but that is what the open format is designed to do. It is the candidates being thrust headlong into a substantive discussion where they themselves have control over which parts of their message they feel important to put forward according to the issues that the campaigns feel are important to discuss. It eliminates the ability to plant narratives by either campaign, and allows a more reasoned response to the opening premise of the segment, even if that opening premise starts off slanted.

Prediction number two, Paul Ryan will shine regardless of the preprogrammed memorized speech of Joe Biden. This is the exact type of format that lends itself to the wonkish intellect of someone who is a budget hawk. Paul Ryan has always shone like the sun when discussing facts, figures, and any subject where detail is warranted. His destruction of Barack Obama’s fairy tale world of the Obamacare’s impact on the budget is still one of my favorite YouTube clips of all time.

Prediction number three, Joe Biden will try to land his knock out punch with the foreign policy discussion. After last week’s ass kicking suffered by his boss, the pressure will be on Joe Biden to land some heavy blows against the R squared ticket. Joe has engaged in some trash talking this week, as the entirety of Team Zero realize the damage done last week. The problem is, where to attack Paul Ryan. A man who’s true calling may very well have been as an accountant, there is perhaps no one in Washington D.C. who can go toe to toe with Ryan on substantive facts. He is a wonk’s wonk if you will. Biden attempting to follow up on the promises of his trash talk in those areas where Ryan is strong can only end in another disastrous evening for the Democrat Party as a whole. There are enough competent Democrat Party apparatchiks left to see the folly in this. If Ryan has a perceived weakness in this debate forum, it is in the realm of foreign policy.

Foreign Policy gravitas was always supposed to be the strength that Joe Biden brought to Team Zero. He spent much of his decades long career on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. Never mind that Joe has been wrong on every single issue which presented itself, including a proclamation that the War in Iraq was lost. There are some really dumb people out there who believe that perception is reality. Biden will want to avoid every other area of debate, but will feel that he has an insurmountable advantage here, and is just dumb enough to believe that perception really is reality. So, even when the Obama foreign policy has so obviously collapsed to the point where each day’s horrendous news only serves to bury Team Zero even further, look for this to be the topic upon which Joe makes his stand and attempts to land the veritable hay maker.

Prediction number four, Paul Ryan will make Joe Biden look pretty silly with that attempted hay maker. Just like in the real world of boxing, when a fighter lands the hay maker, it can be pretty devastating. When he misses, it has the opposite effect. The problem for Joe Biden and his expertise on all things relating to foreign affairs, the policies enacted by his team have resulted in nothing short of unmitigated disaster. Yesterday we learned that Christopher Stevens’ request for more security to help deal with the tensions in Benghazi actually resulted in the Obama State Department’s removal of the security personnel that did exist there. Over 50 U.S. Embassies have been torched over the past month. We learned that the Muslim Brotherhood is not a group of unemployed social workers looking for people to help. We also learned that the assassination of Osama Bin Laden did not signal the end of the war on terror, even though this promise has still been asserted as recently as today.

Prediction number five, Martha Raddatz will be much quicker on the uptake to come to the aid of Joe Biden when he needs a life line. Twice during the Bamster’s first debate, he needed to suggest to Jim Lehrer that perhaps a particular topic was not worthy of his taking a beating over, and suggested that Lehrer move things along. Raddatz will have been briefed ahead of time I’m sure, as to how important it is to team Obama that she not allow Joe Biden to take too great a beating, and that she should intervene when ever it looks like Paul Ryan may be able to land a second blow in any exchange. Raddatz will likewise join the debate as an Obama team surrogate who will actively participate in the challenges of any statement made by Paul Ryan.

In case you’re interested.

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