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An Intro to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)

by Iron Fist ( 146 Comments › )
Filed under Health Care at March 25th, 2014 - 5:00 pm

This will be the first of at least three articles on Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and the martial arts. Today, I would like to cover the basics of what TCM is, the theory of qi, and how energy moves in the body (the concept of meridians, but not the meridians themselves). I will also cover Five Element Theory and the Creation and Destruction cycles, core concepts in TCM.

To begin with, the theory of TCM is that all of the body’s processes are best seen as the movement of energy (not precisely electrical energy, but that is the easiest concept for Western students to grasp) through the body. Energy is at the basis of all ills, so the treatment of disease is seen as regulating and directing the flow of energy through the body. The basic channels for energy transmission are the 12 main meridians, which are each tied to an organ (such as the Liver or Gallbladder). In the natural day, energy flows through these meridians, feeding the life process of the organism.

Key to the concept of qi is the concept of Five Element Theory. There are five basic elements that qi can be associated with, Fire, Metal, Wood, Earth, and Water. These are the five basic elements of life, and all things come from them. Each element is related to the others by two main cycles. There is the Creation Cycle, in which qi is created or strengthened. Fire creates Metal, Metal creates Water, Water creates Wood, Wood creates Fire, and Fire creates Earth. This is a key cycle, and is important in both medical and martial use of energy. The Five Elements are also related by the Destruction Cycle, by which qi is decreased or destroyed. The Destruction Cycle is Fire melts Metal, Metal cuts Wood, Wood penetrates Earth, Earth dams Water, and Water extinguishes Fire. These are the two main cycles that you see used in both martial arts applications and medicinal applications. There is also a Diurnal Cycle, where the qi happens to be concentrated at any given time. This is more useful in medical applications, and is used in the diagnoses and treatment of disease.

This is simply an intro to Chinese Medicine. It is a vast topic, and I am only trained at a very basic level in it. If you are interested, read the supplied links. There is a whole different theory of how the world operates in Traditional Chinese Medicine. It has seen in recent times validation in things like the treatment of pain, and even the treatment of addiction. In the ext section, I will cover the twelve main meridians in more detail. Understanding the meridians and their relationship to one another is key to understanding TCM, and is vital in the martial arts application of the theory.

Show Me Your War Face

by Bunk Five Hawks X ( 194 Comments › )
Filed under Humor, Open thread, Weapons, World at May 14th, 2010 - 10:22 pm

[Image and quote from here.]

That’s Maori Priest Irrarangi Tiakiawa, keeper of secret Maori martial arts techniques, including death strokes:

“I think this (death point striking) art should die. It is too evil for today’s society. I once witnessed my grandfather having an argument with another man and the other man was in the wrong, so my grandfather just got up and struck him with one finger to one point and the man died… “

The interview is interesting, and includes what to do if confronted by a Maori showing his war face:

1.  Stand still. If you run you’re gonna get hurt.
2.  The warrior will likely throw something down in front of you. If you don’t pick it up and hand it back to him you’re gonna get hurt.
3.  Don’t fight. If you do you’re gonna get killed.

Fortunately, you’re unlikely to encounter a Maori warrior unless you’re in New Zealand, but now you know how to react and you can live to enjoy another Overnight Open Thread.

Master of Arms

by Iron Fist ( 116 Comments › )
Filed under Open thread, Weapons at December 26th, 2009 - 7:30 pm

That would be me. The good Admins have invited me to be a full contributor so that I can be master of arms to this rabble in arms peaceful, Unicorn-loving group of fine young people (and some old ones like me). I’m honored. The question is, what would you all like to hear about? My main area of expertise is in unarmed and primitively armed combat (karate and related disciplines, Filipino martial arts, and just plain nasty), but I am conversant with most small arms up to general purpose machineguns or there about (some of our military vets may know more than me. I’m not ex-military so I’ve learned what I can where I can).

Above all, this should be fun. Our love of the military and things martial sets us apart from the Left and drives them crazy. I find that highly amusing.

Let me know what you want to see. If I don’t know, I can do research, and I’m not afraid to ask for help. You shouldn’t be afraid of speaking up if you know something I don’t (or even if I made a mistake! That’ll never happen). We can all learn here, and that is, as Federal Felon Martha Stewart says, a good thing.

Come out and Play!