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Great Holiday Gift Idea: CJs Photography Keepsakes

by Bunk X ( 59 Comments › )
Filed under Art, Blogwars, Humor, LGF, OOT, Open thread, Satire at December 11th, 2011 - 11:00 pm

Seems like I’ve been gone for a week after visiting The Land of The Buckeyes and The Bearcats. It was pure time travel for me, and I’m still reeling from the odd foggy familiarity of places and people that I hadn’t seen in many decades.

Last Wednesday I was signing some legalwork, and asked what the date was. One person remembered that it was Pearl Harbor Day, while his assistant clarified that it was also Johnny Bench’s birthday. JB and Pete Rose are still revered as Sub-Gods in that region (under Woody Hayes, Sparky Anderson and Paul Brown, of course). But none of that has anything to do with this post.
Someone we all know and love has discounted one of the most popular calendars of all time, and there are hundreds stacked up in the corner of his bedroom available for a small percentage of the original price. The percentage is so low, he’s willing to pay someone to take them off his hands. I think we’ve stumbled upon a great bargain.

The Web’s worst high-functioning autistic photographer, Charles Foster Johnson, has made it possible for you, yes you, you lucky sod to actually stare at his vacant snapshots for an entire year. Yes, lucky dogs, it’s Little Green Footballs – The LGF 2010 Photo Calendar!!!!!

“Now available at Lulu.com in time for Christmas and the New Year — the Little Green Footballs 2010 Calendar, featuring 13 beautiful high resolution versions of photographs I’ve posted at LGF. It’s $24.99, Lulu.com handles all the printing and shipping, I get 10 bucks, and they get the difference. Not a bad deal for all involved.”

“Not a bad deal…” if you favor pedestrian snapshots of flat color, a personal world that is utterly bereft of any human face, or snapshots chilled in the crippled sensibility of a person who has “the brain of a bass player” and the eye of an albino cave-dwelling newt.

[Commentary and snapshot above courtesy American Digest.]

I took the liberty of copying the image (with the cryptic title “October 2010”) and enlarging it a bit, just to help another fellow blogger sell outdated calendars with bland uninspired amateur photographs on The Overnight Open Thread.

Teh Free Blogmocracy Calendar Is Available And It’s Free

by Bunk X ( 128 Comments › )
Filed under Blogmocracy, Blogwars, Caption This, Humor, LGF, Open thread, Socialism at March 23rd, 2010 - 1:00 am

This post is for the loyal night shift, those who keep the torch burning while the rest of us snooze.

Cut and past, save it, blow it up, print it out and above all,  Rock On.

[Oh, yeah, by the way, this is an open thread to talk about calendars or whatever.]