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  • An Excellent Read

    by coldwarrior ( 104 Comments › )
    Filed under Open thread, Uncategorized at October 10th, 2018 - 10:27 pm

    The Radical Roots of Democratic Party Dogma

    And a fresh, open thread.

    Haley Has Resigned from The UN Ambassador Post

    by coldwarrior ( 128 Comments › )
    Filed under Open thread at October 9th, 2018 - 10:13 am

    Haley Has Resigned from The UN Ambassador Post

    send Bolton to replace her.

    Big Little Lies

    by The Barbarian ( 124 Comments › )
    Filed under Uncategorized at October 7th, 2018 - 9:00 am

    As all of you know, I’m very much in favor of Brett Kavanaugh filing a defamation and slander suit in the District Court against Christine Ford, Deborah Ramirez and Julie Swetnick. I would also name Debbie Katz and Michael Avenatti (yes, folks, I really DO know what his last name is – it’s just that “Avenutti” seems infinitely more appropriate, given what I believe to be his precarious mental state) as co-defendants. If we find that Monica McLean and certain Senators from our most Western states had a part in this, name them too.

    Such a suit is certainly unprecedented. But then, the nature of the Blitzkrieg that was unleashed against JUSTICE Kavanaugh’s (how much do you love saying that?) reputation and character was in a different astral plane than anything we’d ever seen before. Even when they were so offended by the nomination of Clarence Thomas, they only trotted out the spurned Anita Hill, she of the testimony lifted straight out of the pages of a horror novel and porno film ads from the Village Voice. Because federal employees were involved, the FBI did an investigation. Took three days. The 302’s indicated that Anita Hill had, in fact, made it up.

    I have several reasons why I would like to see this lawsuit filed. First, it might, just might, make it impossible for the Democrats to convince the next crop of 11th hour fictional accusers to come forward on the promise that once they’ve completed their jackhammering of the target’s character, they can fly back to their belfries without fear of repercussions and with some lovely parting gifts. I’m not all that hopeful on this front; attention whores like Avenutti and Gloria Allwet cannot help themselves; however, since both are currently being investigated by the State Bar of California, maybe the findings will put them out of our misery.

    No, I want it for the DISCOVERY. You see that word a lot when they’re talking about potential lawsuits, but very few people really understand what it is and the process.  It is essentially the period that begins the minute the complaint is filed to about 30 days before trial.  And the minute you are on notice that you’ve been sued, you don’t get to touch anything.  No accidental erasing of emails, no feeding your dog the desk calendars, no sending cartons of correspondence off to your Aunt Minnie’s cabin at Lake Sissymanunu.  Which is, of course why you get your summons served as quickly after you file the complaint as possible.  Until they are on notice, they are free to do what they want, barring statutory document retention requirements (this is mostly corporate in nature; no law requires you to save your personal correspondence for a period of years, although the IRS has a requirement; but I’ve recently learned that even if you follow it, apparently people from the New Delhi office will be contacting you to advise you that your arrest is imminent and the lawsuit is on file at the Courthouse.  But you can clear your name through the purchase of nifty iTunes cards at Walgreens).

    Because discovery against these three women will be delicious.  First, interrogatories and production of documents.  Give us the goodies and answer the questions in writing.  These, by the way, are answered under oath.  You VERIFY the responses.  Even so, there is nothing sexy about written discovery.

    But it’s the defendants’ depositions that will be so entertaining, they should be on pay-per-view or Netflix.  I’d like to ask Ford why her so-called “escape” door that caused so much sturm and drang in her marriage that it required counseling in 2012 after being constructed in 2008 doesn’t even go into her main residence but to her rental property?  I mean, where does she live?  The Winchester Mystery House?  I also would like to question her on her incredible x-ray vision.  Because apparently she can see boys “pinballing off the stairway” while hiding behind the locked door of a bathroom.  But more importantly, I’d like to know why she and four other people were breaking into houses to drink beer and throw impromptu parties, since apparently NONE of the individuals she names as being at the event lived in the house.  Indeed, none of them even lived anywhere close to the Country Club.  Perhaps we can consult the Montgomery County sheriff’s office and ask about this 1980s’s high school home invasion crime spree.

    Next up on the deposition docket?  Debbie Ramirez.  I’d ask her how many days she spent with her cell phone in one hand and her Yale rolodex in the other, calling everyone she knew for dirt.  I’d also like to ask why she needed to spend six grueling days with her lawyer in order to remember what had happened to her.  (I’m thinking they picked “lawyer” for this because they’d already exhausted the therapist angle with Professor High-Talker and they needed someone with privilege attaching):   So first she alleges Brett “woo-woo’d” her a party?  No one noticed?  Because unless you’re John Holmes, you’re not whipping your schlong out in front of everybody – sorry, but you’re ASKING for humiliation from anyone with a inch to spare.  Then it was she couldn’t be sure it was Brett.   I’d ask her to describe the offending member.  Also at that point I’d whip out my photo array of Bluto, Flounder and Neidermeyer and ask her to label each.

    Actually Julie the Psycho would be the most fun.  Especially since she’s represented by the creepy porn lawyer.  I tend to think none of the Democrats on the Committee invited the CPL to the slander party, and since he can’t stand being on the outside looking in so he launched his Honda scooter through the living room window and crashed.  Since CPL started hinting about the allegations on the 23rd, the same day as Ramirez, he was probably pissed she got there first.  So Julie the Nutjob needs to be asked when she first spoke to Avenutti.  When did you sign an engagement agreement?  When did you execute your now-famous sworn statement?  Did CPL walk around the room muttering “4Chan”?    And please – even back in the early 70’s, anyone over the age of 18 that had graduated would not have been caught dead at a party with kids still in high school; doing that is the social equivalent of putting a beanie with a propeller on your head for Rush Week.  And seriously, “people as old as 25.”  Come ON, every guy with half a brain over 18 knows “16 will get you 20” and they are not going to willingly put themselves in a situation where the slutted up drunk girl in the corner gets you an orange jump suit, complete with matching bracelets.   And what would women in their 20’s be doing there?  Husband hunting?

    Do I seem callous?  Probably.  Do I seem indifferent to the plight of women that are sexually assaulted?  Also probably.  Am I?  Sometimes to the first, never to the second.  If these women with their lies and smear were victims I’d have nothing but sympathy for them.  But they are not victims of sexual assault.  I DON’T believe anything ever happened to Dr. Ford – she’s been telling nothing but big little lies since this began.  Debbie Ramirez?  She lied because they needed to up the ante when Kavanaugh didn’t fold.  But Julie Swetnick and her monstrous allegations need to be disinfected in the sunlight of public disdain.  And every one of them needs to be prosecuted for the vile statements they’ve made – under oath.

    Oh I have a great deal of sympathy for the victims in this matter.  And there are four of the, not three.  And their last names are Kavanaugh.


    NCAA D1 Football Week #6 2016 AND Kavanaugh Vote

    by coldwarrior ( 122 Comments › )
    Filed under Open thread at October 6th, 2018 - 8:45 am

    It’s a busy day! I can’t seem to find the over/under or a point spread for the SC nomination vote later this afternoon. There is no reason to believe that he won’t get in though, the question is at what count? 52-48 is my guess.

    So far I am 21/36 $1650/$1000. Let’s go with $100 a game here.

    #19 Texas at #7 Oklahoma – Sat, Oct 6, 12:00 PM ET – It’s the Red River Rivalry! This is always a great game. Texas is getting 7 on the road and won’t beat this spread.

    #1 Alabama at Arkansas – Sat, Oct 6, 12:00 PM ET – Vegas is giving Arkansas 35 points. And, boy howdy, the Razorbacks are just plain awful this year. That said, why would ‘Bama play their first team the whole game? They won’t and ‘Bama does not beat the spread. They don’t have too.

    Syracuse at Pittsburgh – Sat, Oct 6, 12:20 PM ET – The Orange are giving 3 to my beloved Panthers at home who will not cover this spread.

    Florida State at #17 Miami – Sat, Oct 6, 3:30 PM ET – The U is getting 13 and beat this spread against a pretty mediocre FSU team.

    #5 LSU at #22 Florida – Sat, Oct 6, 3:30 PM ET – LSU is a 2 point favorite on the road. 2 Points? I think they can beat that.

    #8 Auburn at Mississippi State – Sat, Oct 6, 7:30 PM ET – The War Eagle are giving 4 to the Bulldogs on the road. Yeah, no. They beat that spread.

    #6 Notre Dame at #24 Virginia Tech – Sat, Oct 6, 8:00 PM ET – ND looks like they are for real. Their QB is really good. ND covers this 7 point give to the Turkeys and enters the playoff picture.

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