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I Quit.

by coldwarrior Comments Off on I Quit.
Filed under Headlines, Special Report at September 8th, 2011 - 11:26 am

That’s it Blogmocrats, I’m done, The continual foul language and personal attacks on this site have become far too much to bear. They have become a detriment to the Blog and a poor reflection on those who are here. We have driven away some excellent people in the past 2 years and have lost many potential commenters because we cant follow simple rules of decorum.


The owners have asked multiple times for everyone to back it off a hair. Stop the personal attacks and dial back the language. Honestly. who wants to read an F-bombed laced comment at 10AM? Our writers work hard to bring quality posts for this place and then inevitably unwarranted foul and /or abuse language brings the conversation down to the base level. For some reason, the request from the owners has not been heeded. I suppose some people just can’t self police themselves or they just have never been taught aboiut manners. Either way, I am sick and tired of it. If you cant make your point without F-bombs and other vulgarities, don’t bother. If you cant make your point without a personal attack, don’t bother. Because if you need to do those things, you have already lost the argument.


143 | September 7, 2011 7:06 pm

it is pretty sad what this place has become. constant fighting, unnecessary/gratuitous vulgarity, pointless and belittling personal attacks.

the shame of it is, every time my parents or their friends ask about the blog, i obfuscate, change the subject and by all means avoid pointing them here. i would too often be too embarrassed to admit that i am part owner of this place. if i see a good article posted here, i cut it out and send it to them even though there is high quality analysis done here and comments that are brilliant. i still dont dare link here because of the ridiculous attacks and nasty language. now mind you, they arent prudes by any stretch, rodan has met them.

i wont send any of my friends (or anyone i respect) here because i then would have to explain why the joint is so rough and there are so many personal attacks; it isnt worth it.

i’m done trying to make this place anything more or better than it is. i don’t have the time or energy…and no, this has nothing to do with the twins or any of that. this is a loooong time in coming…Check that, i am going to do something.

really, while this ‘civility thread’ was going on there was another fight full of vulgarities and personal attacks going on on the side bar.

We ran a pleading for civility thread yesterday and no changes were noted. There was a concurrent fight on the side bare and the OOT was just laced with personal attacks.


A personal attack goes like this:

You cut and pasted that, asshole.

You’re a libturd loser.

Fuck you you commie loving bastard.

We have a blithering idiot on aisle 16.

You are a jackoff and go fuck your self.

(This is just a small sampling from yesterday! )

Do I need to continue? I think not. Those of you who cannot tell the difference between a personal attack and an argument over fact should go brush up on your rhetoric and argument skills. Your local Community College has a course in Rhetoric, and there are many available on line.


Now, about swearing…I can bring it just as nasty as anyone else, don’t get me wrong here. But do we really need gratuitous vulgarities here? Do we a need a ‘Fuck that’ at 1130EST? Does it add to the blog? Police yourselves people. Once in a while, some vulgarity is needed…It’s a tough call.


Since we cannot seem to tone down the personal attacks or the ‘gratuitous’ nasty language, I Quit being nice and asking you all to tone it down. Now the rules of the blog that you agree to by posting here will get enforced. Your offending post will be deleted, consider that deletion a warning.  Is this arbitrary, you betcha! The owners cant read 100% of the comments.


Don’t like it? Too bad. I refuse to sit by while everyone’s effort and money gets wasted by personal attacks and gratuitous foul language that brings the whole place down to the gutter.


RODAN has asked me to add that continuing a fight thread to thread has to stop as well. Keep it in one place. We all agreed to this some time ago, and yet…another broken agreement.


We have lost readers and commenters because of excessive foul language and personal attacks.  We have turned off a lot of potential Blogmocrats who won’t come here because of the items stated above. Try to police yourselves show some respect, if you can’t someone WILL do it for you.




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