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Fish Of My Dreams

by Bunk Five Hawks X ( 137 Comments › )
Filed under Entertainment, History, Humor, Music, OOT, Open thread, Politics, Russia, Syria, World at September 14th, 2013 - 9:00 pm

First there was this guy

Albert Brooks

Who Tweeted thisAlbert Brooks Syria Tweet

And this guy picked it up and ran with it

John Kerry Earbuds

Then he thought again and tried to get  rid of it

John Kerry Soccer

Until this guy said it was a great idea

Vladimir Putin KGB

And checkmated this guy

Obama all humpy and shit

Who got all humpy about it before he realized that he’d just been pantsed in front of the entire world by an enemy of the USA who gave him a way out of the quagmire he was being forced to step into by his very own words.

The way out was facilitated by the Obama MSM propaganda machine who threw all credit to Vladimir Putin for giving POTUS a way to save face. Pheeew.

So here’s to Putin on The Overnight Open Thread.

Watch this video on YouTube.

[Update: Ленинград is a Russian Ska/Punk/Dixieland band. Here are the lyrics to “Рыба”  in English.]

[Update 2: Related post here: ]

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