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Photographer Fattens FLOTUS for Fourth

by Bunk X ( 76 Comments › )
Filed under Politics, Progressives at July 8th, 2019 - 11:54 pm

That photo by Carlos Barrias [Reuters] of President and First Lady Trump looked a bit odd to me, because within seconds of that photo, Melania Trump dropped 30 pounds.

Reuters has a history of photojournalistic malfeasance.

Carlos Barrias’ Reuters bio includes this gem:

“I was very moved after covering the earthquake in Haiti. I was one of the first journalists from Reuters to arrive, and I was there for about 45 days. It was long and tough. You can see human beings at their most basic instinct for survival.

It was a very weird feeling in Haiti because I know I was there doing my job, and I would like to feel that our job means something for people, but at the same time I felt powerless. What do you say when a kid comes to you and asks you for water and food, and you have nothing but a camera? I couldn’t answer that question, and I felt frustrated that I couldn’t do anything.”

[Confidential to @ReutersBarria: I don’t know you, never met you, but you’re full of sanctimonious crap. You were in Haiti for 45 days without food or water? Sure you were. Please click on this. The first 50 seconds are just for you.]

It’s back.

by Bunk X ( 61 Comments › )
Filed under Democratic Party, Politics at November 21st, 2018 - 1:44 am

Just like a toenail fungus.

Secretary of State Pompeo Burns The Burners.

by Bunk X ( 94 Comments › )
Filed under Democratic Party, Economy, Politics, Republican Party at July 27th, 2018 - 12:39 am

I heard about Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s grilling by the Senate Foreign Relations committee on 25 July 2018. Mark Levin and others said it was awesome, so I decided to watch. 20 minutes in and I was hooked, watched the whole 3 hours. I wish I’d marked the time of the start of each “question” for easy reference, but I didn’t.

Mike Pompeo does indeed sound and look like George Wendt (Norm from “Cheers”) with a dose of John Goodman, but he never lost his cool during the three hour grind. His attackers (both Democrat and Republican) rephrased and repeated questions hoping to trip him up, yet Pompeo’s answers didn’t change. He balked on some answers for security reasons and for some that were beyond his jurisdiction / authority to comment on. There was a lot of pontificating by his interrogators, but Pompeo listened to and refuted the nebulous allegations.

If you can’t watch the entire 3 hours, watch the first 30 minutes, then skip ahead to another question. Do it again a few times. The last 30 minutes reprises the first.

Note that during this grilling, the EU caved on tariffs. #Winning

The 2017 Idiot Wind Awards Nominations – Frederica Wilson

by Bunk X ( 90 Comments › )
Filed under Democratic Party, Donald Trump, Donald Trump, government, Military, Open thread, Politics, Progressives at October 20th, 2017 - 12:00 am

You’ve already heard the story as told by Florida Democrat Frederica Wilson. She claimed she eaves-dropped on a private phone conversation between the President of the United States and the widow of a fallen warrior. Wilson alleges that the POTUS took time out of his busy schedule to call the widow in order to give her a load of sarcastic crap about how her husband deserved it for volunteering to serve in the military in the first place. Pheeeew

Not even Maxine Waters (D California) could have coughed up and spat out a bigger loogie and danced on it, but Ms. Wilson did.

The Florida Democrat who criticized President Donald Trump this week for being “insensitive” toward the widow of a U.S. soldier slain in Africa might be facing similar criticism herself.

It turns out that U.S. Rep. Frederica Wilson has frequently voted against measures intended to help veterans and their families, according to VoteSmart.org, a vote-tracking site whose founding board members included former presidents Jimmy Carter and Gerald Ford.

The measures that Wilson opposed included a bill that could have ensured that families of four soldiers slain in Afghanistan in 2013 received death and burial benefits. [Source, via.]

Congrats, Ms. Wilson. You’ve just earned a solid nomination for The 2017 Idiot Wind Award.