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The Proportioned Response, An Exercise In Idiocy

by Flyovercountry ( 260 Comments › )
Filed under Uncategorized at July 15th, 2014 - 10:18 am

Political Cartoons by Lisa Benson

Being a science fiction fan, Star Trek, pretty much all of them with the exception of Voyager, are a part of my permanent collection. Outside of the technobabble being used to magically extricate themselves from far too many problems, I have only ever had one other major complaint about the shows. That was the obvious leftist slant used to spin the use of military force when warranted. Time and again the audience gets to watch the Enterprise correctly identify that they’re being targeted for attack, do nothing to prepare or preemptively strike, and then actually take a few shots directly before anyone thinks, maybe, fighting back would be a good idea. The return fire of course is measured and proportional, designed to not actually hurt anyone, only to convince them to stop their aggression. Most bizarre of all, this actually works in the make-believe-Unicorn-infested-Universe of the Star Trek writing staff.

In real life, I have no doubt that Captain Picard finds himself done in by his own people, who are undoubtedly not at all happy with the concept of being continually subjected to gratuitous danger for no other reason than to serve the bizarre moral equivocation found in their captain’s compromised reasoning. Just once I’d like to see, this exchange.

Crew Member: “Captain that scary looking ship has painted a target on our hull and is preparing to fire its weapons.”

Picard’s immediate response: “Raise shields, load all weapons, prepare a firing solution, fire at will when possible.”

In the Unicorn infested Universe of the liberal you see, people shooting at someone else are dealt with most effectively by rhetoric and high falutin moral platitudes. People shooting at them? That’s a different story. We’ll discuss that piece a little later on.

So, what we see from the political left, whenever Israel suffers some attack upon her citizens, sovereignty, very existence, is an immediate call for Israel to show restraint in her response to such threats. Israel is admonished, even before the blood has been cleaned up, to be proportional in her answer.

Now, I’m not a genius, but I can do simple math. Israel has a population of about 8 Million people. Of that 8 Million, 6 Million are Jews, the group that her enemies wish to kill to the last. About 1.5 Million are Muslims of Arabic descent, all of whom have served or are currently serving as members of the Israeli Military. The remaining Half Million are Christians, also targeted for annihilation or slavery, according to the strict interpretation of Shariah Law used by those, “peace loving kiddies,” living in the area. That population is surrounded by 1.4 Billion bomb throwing maniacs who worship death over life, and seek nothing short of killing every person of Jewish faith on the planet. They are not willing to negotiate, and in the past have only used such negotiations as a method to slow hostilities during time periods when they’ve needed to rearm, regroup, and refortify. They are not interested in a two state solution, nor even in an end to hostilities. They are only interested in killing every Jew on the planet, and their holy book tells them that even the rocks one day will start talking to them in order to point out where we Jews are hiding, nice.

Looking at this week’s latest kerfuffle, something was made crystal clear to me in a picture:

Israel uses weapons to protect her people. Hamas uses people to protect their weapons. If the, “Palestinians,” laid down their weapons today, there would be no more fighting. If Israel laid down their weapons today, there would be no more Jews. So, what is a proportional response for a population of 8 Million defending themselves against constant attack from a population of 1.4 Billion who value their weapons more than the lives of their people? If you asked the, “Palestinians,” if they would be willing to sacrifice 16 Million of themselves in order to kill all 6 Million Jews in the area, you’d have an easy 30 Million volunteers seeking their promised 72 virgins and that special place at Allah’s table of blood lust and debauchery.

Israel’s response should be exactly as much force as is necessary to decisively defeat their enemy, both in spirit and capability. Kill their numbers, break their infrastructure, and annihilate their will to continue this war. Contrived rhetoric and high falutin moral platitudes will not work on a population that worships death, views genocide as the only conclusion acceptable to their demonic blood thirsty God, and values the existence of their weapons more than the lives of their children. The only thing that will ever work in this case is that very path chosen by every civilization that has faced this cancer since its birth. They must be defeated, and defeated without mercy. Israel only has 8 Million lives to sacrifice for the cause of restrained proportion. If I were one of those lives, I would not be willing to be sacrificed in such a manner, nor for such a moronic cause.

Now, let’s discuss the double standard of proportion as viewed by the left. A few years ago, there was a British Teacher foolishly teaching at a school in Northern Africa. She took a democratic vote amongst her elementary aged students, and they’d decided to name the pet mouse Mohamed. Riots ensued, and she had to be whisked off to live for several weeks in a bunker, and then smuggled from the region, where literally millions were chanting for her death, in some nightmarish appeal to appease their demon God. The political left of course was silent, and even apologetic, explaining that Muslims take the slightest perceived insult of their prophet very seriously. We on the right just didn’t understand their culture, and any attempt to judge their behavior based on our own biases and norms was simply racist and worse yet, Islamophobic. Proportional responses you see only work one way. It is the tolerati crowd that gets to pick and choose who needs to be measured and restrained versus who gets to flip the freak out. I am left to wonder if the poor woman hiding in that bunker felt like seeing a shrink in order to discuss her Islamophobia, seeking to cure that as a means to alleviate her fear, rather than the more prudent step of running for her very life?

The measured restrained response we see from the political left this week alone has been eye opening. Some cheer leader in Texas posted pictures of herself hunting on facebook. A member in good standing with the tolerati crowd offered the proportional response of calling for her death, and opened a fan page dedicated to the proposal. We’ve seen video footage of a Burger King employee gone completely amok because she just couldn’t stand to listen to anyone state a pro life position in public. Her proportional response to the people merely talking was to attempt to beat the snot out of them. The former CEO and founder of Mozilla received death threats and was fired from his own company simply for a political contribution, donating to cause by the way that a rather sizable majority of the citizens in his state voted in favor of.

Proportioned responses are only for those not suffering the slings and arrows, or in the case of Israel, the bombs loaded with razor blades and nails.

Cross Posted from Musings of a Mad Conservative.


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