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Al Sharpton now a power player

by Phantom Ace ( 8 Comments › )
Filed under Progressives, Socialism, Special Report at April 14th, 2012 - 10:27 am

Anyone who lived in the NY area during the late 80’s and 90’s knows the truth about Al Sharpton. He’s a race hustler always looking to instigate racial tensions where there are none. Now he is treated as a kingmaker in politics. The Pharaoh’s regime treats him as a big player. Newscorp which is the parent company of Fox News, sponsored his National Action Network’s convention. He has gone from race hustler to a legitimate player.

The Rev. Al Sharpton is lord of all he surveys.

“Check out this,” the flamboyant civil rights leader told me during breakfast at his organization’s annual meeting this week. He flipped through the program until he found a full-page ad with the logos of Fox News, the New York Post and the Wall Street Journal. “News Corporation Proudly Supports National Action Network’s 2012 Convention,” it said.

Sharpton grinned. “They bash me on Fox News,” he said. “But they sponsor my conference.”

Everybody wants to be on Sharpton’s good side these days. No fewer than five Cabinet officers and a senior White House official went to this year’s convention to kiss his ring. President Obama spoke at last year’s conference and has sought Sharpton’s advice on policy. Sharpton has a show on MSNBC five nights a week, and he doles out airtime to a procession of politicians and journalists (including me).


It was confirmation that Sharpton has pulled off one of the rarest second acts in American public life: from pariah to power player.

This is another sign of the degradation of our politics. A race baiting trouble maker is now a legitimate political . Al Sharpton should be shunned, not treated like legitimate political player. I find this revolting and disgusting.

Grievance theater isn’t about race, it’s about power and money

by Mojambo ( 63 Comments › )
Filed under Crime at March 30th, 2012 - 8:00 am

The Knish brilliantly dissects  the Trayvon Martin case and writes that we have seen this movie (actually theater) before in the Jena 6, Howard Beach and  Bensonhurst  cases and so many others. The same actors – Sharpton,  Jackson,  Spike Lee aided by wannabes such as Jazzy X and the whole MSNBC crew i.e.  the whole plethora of race hustlers and baiters – have the drill down pat. It is not “justice” that they want (that is a concept they have no idea about), but power and money.

by Daniel Greenfield

The Trayvon Martin case is a wholly familiar one to residents of any major urban city. If you live in Chicago, New York or Los Angeles, then it’s only a matter of time until an incident between a law enforcement officer, or more rarely a civilian defending himself, and a member of a minority group flares up into a citywide grievance theater complete with angry reverends on the steps of City Hall, women with stony faces holding up banners calling for justice and a media-driven debate about police tactics and racism.

This sort of thing happens with depressing regularity in cities where even the most liberal residents have to choose between police overreach and being murdered. It never leads to meaningful debate or a resolution.  Instead it peters out with the best actors in the grievance theater picking up money and influence, the media selling a few more papers or ads for nasal polyp relief on the drive time news and everything going back to the way it was.

The grievance theater is never really about the specific case, the specific shooting, it’s about the links between the social problems of the black community, the compromises of civil liberties necessary to keep entire cities from turning into Detroit, and the inability of the media to address the sources of crime as anything but the phantoms of white racism. It’s about a black leadership that is more interested in posturing as angry activists and shaking loose some money, than in healing their own community’s problems. And so the same story repeats itself again and again without an honest dialogue or anything meaningful coming out of it.

But grievance theater has been going national. It’s no longer just extraordinary cases like Bernie Goetz’s Death Wish moment on the number 2 train that briefly catch hold of the national conversation. The obsessive coverage of the so-called Jena 6 case, an incident of so little internal meaning, signaled that Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton would no longer just be able to drive a local controversy, they now had the freedom to drive national controversies any time they wanted to.

Trayvon Martin is their big moment. It’s no longer just grievance theater being used to influence the political fortunes of a municipal election, the way that Howard Beach was used to bring down Mayor Koch and replace him with the execrable David Dinkins. Now it’s being used as part of a presidential campaign on a national level.

The fortunes of too many black politicians have been tied to white guilt and black rage

The fortunes of too many black politicians have been tied to white guilt and black rage. The worst sort of black politician channels black rage to score points with black supporters while playing on the guilt of white voters, promising to heal the social conditions that bring about that anger and protect them from its ravages. But never before has that game been played out of the Oval Office.

The last two Democratic presidents were Southern governors, but the current occupant is a veteran of the corrupt urban political machine where there are only two games in town and when the money runs out, this is the one you play. The money is running out, the polls are running down and accordingly we have been treated to an episode of grievance theater, with our beloved leader in the role of healer and inciter.


It’s Community Activism 101 to divide and conquer the electorate by breaking them down and feeding local anxieties

It’s Community Activism 101 to divide and conquer the electorate by breaking them down and feeding local anxieties, whether it’s about birth control or racial injustice. And it’s a win-win for Obama, who at worst gains a distraction from economic turmoil and a few thousand guilty voters and at best, upends the national dialogue by asserting the dominance of the racial narrative. While his associates wield the bullhorns, he carefully plays healer and if there is violence, then his currency as racial healer increases.


Our racial dysfunction has always been secondary to our political dysfunction, and now our political dysfunction is second to none

Our racial dysfunction has always been secondary to our political dysfunction, and now our political dysfunction is second to none. We have the best government that Warren Buffett’s money could buy and that ACORN’s election fraud can achieve. And we have a national government that is starting to look like the dysfunctional urban governments at the center of the grievance theaters.

Chicago nearly went bankrupt in 1930. New York nearly went bankrupt in 1975. But states have bailed out cities and the federal government has bailed out states. When there isn’t enough money to keep the dysfunctional political machine built on corruption and subsidies going, there’s always some larger entity to foot the bill.


That is the lesson that has yet to be learned from the cities whose dysfunctional politics have been transplanted to the national government. Along with the politics has come the grievance mob, the outrage machine, the outpourings of self-righteousness, the class warfare fought by corrupt pols and the rest of the bread-and-circuses show that have blighted the American city for a century and a half.

Grievance theater isn’t about race, it’s not about slavery, police brutality or separate lunch counters, it’s about power and money. Black politicians are not fundamentally different from white ones. They have more in common with their white colleagues than they do with their own communities. The only difference is that they are playing with the race cards they have been dealt.


The ghetto farms black communities for votes and more importantly for subsidies

When you look closely at where the school property tax money goes, why health care is so expensive, and why so much money has to be spent on housing, a big chunk of it goes here. It’s the hole in our budget ozone layer and it can never be filled, because it is designed never to be filled. For a sizable number of influential people, both black and white, the black community’s social problems are a cash cow. The grievance theater is their way of collecting protection money and making sure that no one pays too much attention to what’s really wrong.

The problem isn’t limited to the black community. The same phenomenon crosses over different minority communities and some white ones as well, but the race card is still the best card in the deck. It carries too many emotional triggers, too much guilt and too much hope not to use it over and over again. The moral power of the civil rights movement still isn’t exhausted as long as hopeful white people smile at the sight of a black man in the White House as if his political power testified to their innocence.


Grievance theater, like light-hearted musicals, is one of those forms that works best when the economy is bad and everyone has trouble making ends meet. But while people voluntarily go to see musicals, or at least they used to, they have to be dragged to attend the latest grievance theater, the production numbers broadcast live on CNN and MSNBC, the programs printed in every paper that still hasn’t gone out of business, and breathless announcements of the latest developments broadcast in between Dunkin Donuts commercials.

The local productions of grievance theater have gone national and we are all compelled to watch it play out. No matter what happens to George Zimmerman or what we learn about Trayvon Martin, the country has been turned into unwilling participants in a national drama that places a distorted idea of race at the center of our identity for the benefit of the same hucksters and politicians who have destroyed the city and are hard at work destroying the country.

Read the rest –  The Bankrupt Race Card

Zo: Herman Cain Should Smoke Crack

by Deplorable Macker ( 184 Comments › )
Filed under Democratic Party, Elections 2012, History, Republican Party at October 14th, 2011 - 8:00 pm

Ever since I first heard of Alfonzo Rachel’s ZoNation video series, I have always admired him. He speaks Truth to Power, and this time he absolutely rips into the Demo☭rats, Al Sharpton, Cornell West, and Bill Maher for their criticisms of Herman Cain…by using a little reverse psychology. And he pulls it off masterfully!
Watch the video:

Al Sharpton might get a show on MSNBC.

by Phantom Ace ( 3 Comments › )
Filed under Headlines, Media, Progressives at July 17th, 2011 - 2:59 pm

Can you imagine David Duke getting a show on TV? Vile racist Al Sharpton might get the 6:00 PM EST slot at MSNBC.

Cenk Uygur was thrust onto the MSNBC schedule in January, when Keith Olbermann‘s departure set in motion several host changes on the progressive channel’s lineup.

Now TVNewser hears Uygur may be moved out of the 6pm hour, possibly to be replaced by Al Sharpton. When the host changes happened earlier this year, the 6pm hour was simply known as “MSNBC Live,” a telling sign that MSNBC was trying out Uygur.

AL Sharpton should be shunned. Instead he gets rewarded! It seems some racists are more equal than others.