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Saturday Night Roadtrip In Blogmock County

by Bunk Five Hawks X ( 119 Comments › )
Filed under Cars & Trucks, Music, OOT, Open thread at August 31st, 2013 - 10:00 pm

I always had a soft spot in my heart for honest roots country music, especially on roadtrips. Grab the cooler, load up the Chevy Apache, hit the on ramp to nowhere and crank it up.

Dale Watson is a retro anomaly. Tattooed Texan playing Nashville Johnny Cash style, and it’s a perfect fit for a down-home country kickass episode of
The Overnight Open Thread.

Michael Coren & John Robson: Stompin’ Tom Connors 1936-2013

by 1389AD ( 58 Comments › )
Filed under Canada, Music, Open thread at April 15th, 2013 - 12:00 pm

On YouTube:

Published on Mar 7, 2013 by SDAMatt2a


Canadian country-folk legend Stompin’ Tom Connors died Wednesday at age 77. A few days earlier the musician penned a letter to fans that he wanted published after his death, his spokesman said. Here is a copy of the letter published on the singer’s official website.

Hello friends, I want all my fans, past, present, or future, to know that without you, there would have not been any Stompin’ Tom.

It was a long hard bumpy road, but this great country kept me inspired with its beauty, character, and spirit, driving me to keep marching on and devoted to sing about its people and places that make Canada the greatest country in the world.

I must now pass the torch, to all of you, to help keep the Maple Leaf flying high, and be the Patriot Canada needs now and in the future.

I humbly thank you all, one last time, for allowing me in your homes, I hope I continue to bring a little bit of cheer into your lives from the work I have done.


Your Friend always,

Stompin’ Tom Connors

Stompin’ Tom Connors – R.I.P. – Hockey Song

Published on Mar 6, 2013 by rocky rumble

Stompin Tom Conners has passed away today March 6/2013 .. His songs will go on


The Sasquatch Song – Stompin’ Tom Connors

Published on Mar 7, 2013 by Sasquatch Watch Canada

March 6, 2013
Country legend Stompin’ Tom Connors, whose rousing songs of Canadian life covered everything from Sudbury nickel miners to P.E.I. potato farmers, has died at the age of 77. He was known as “Stompin’ Tom” for tapping his boot on a wooden board in rhythm to his playing, and was rarely seen in public without his signature black cowboy hat. Connors made a point of writing songs about Canadians, and as a result his music transformed him into a cultural icon. Some of his songs have become closer to national anthems, most notably “The Hockey Song.”
Charles Thomas Connors 1936 – 2013