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Farrakhan Challenges Pope Francis to a debate on Jesus

by Phantom Ace ( 76 Comments › )
Filed under Humor, Open thread, Religion at February 12th, 2014 - 4:00 pm

Nation of Islam leader and Scientologist Louis Farrkhan issues a challenge to the Pope. The UFO cultist challenges Pope Francis to a debate on who really knows about Jesus. yes a crazed loon wants to take on a Jesuit who has intimate knowledge of the nature of Christ.

Farrakhan loves the mother wheel!

(Hat Tip: Weasel Zippers)

An Unholy Alliance: Scientology Purchases Nation Of Islam For $2.3 Million, Plus A, “Cut.”; Update: Farrakhan praises Scientology

by Flyovercountry ( 144 Comments › )
Filed under Progressives at August 29th, 2013 - 4:00 pm

Before the audio, here is the youtube description of the conference phone conversation that you are about to hear. Bear in mind that this is the upper echelon of a splinter group known as the United Nation of Islam, which are Muslims who don’t buy into the whole mother ship UFO shtick that screwy Louis has taken to peddling, and plays right into the undeniably insane set of teachings that emanates from Scientology itself. The money quote will happen fairly quickly, if you are not inclined to listen to the entire 20 minutes.

In this video you will hear a recorded phone call between high-ranking members of The United Nation of Islam (UNOI), under Royall Jenkins. The assistant to Royall Jenkins is explaining to members of their organization about a discussion he had with “Mark” in Connecticut who is a high ranking member of Scientology.

Mark explained to him that it was Louis Farrakhan who sought out Scientology to help him with his illnesses. Scientology told him he was beyond their help and advised him to get a real operation and then come back to them. He goes on to explain that Farrakhan was paid 2.3 million dollars to sell his people on Scientology as well as receiving a percentage of kickbacks.

This is only the tip of the iceberg in this explosive recording. There are other equally distressing revelations made. For some time now people have wondered the motivation for the Nation of Islam (NOI) to getting in bed with Scientology, money and general relationship. Many of these questions are addressed in this audio.

The UNOI is a breakaway faction of the NOI and was courted by Scientology when Farrakhan first show interest in them. While the UNOI did not go along like the NOI they did leave a door of communication open. One possibility for why Mark might have provided such inside information to the leaders of the UNOI is that he thought he could appeal to their greed and they might want the same deal that the NOI got.

I’m treading on some shaky ground here, so I’m going to tread very lightly. First, let me say that I’m usually a, “don’t ask don’t tell,” kind of guy. I really don’t want to know the personal business of others, and more importantly, I like my personal business to remain just that. The caveats of course are when somebody else’s business is foisted upon me, or when others make it their business to injure me in some fashion. An example of the former would be some convicted spy demanding that I pay for his, “gender re-identification,” process, or some bored law student attending Georgetown apparently has so much sex in lieu of her studies that I am expected to pay for her birth control. An example of the latter would be a noticeable percentage of the Muslim community making it their express goal to kill every Jew on the Planet. Being Jewish, I don’t want to be turned into just another sacrificial feeding to satisfy the blood lust their demon moon God possesses.

There are three observations of that previous sentence that I’d like to make here. One, the exact percentage of Muslims who feel this way is not known for certain. I’ve seen credible sources place that percentage at a number ranging anywhere from ten to fifty percent, with differing degrees of ferocity. This particular level of crazy ranges anywhere from willing to blow themselves up in pizza parlors to not minding all that much if someone else blew themselves up in a pizza parlor. Two, What ever that percentage happens to be, you can bet your house without fear of losing it that it is at least doubled in that group of especially nutty Muslims that inhabit the Nation of Islam. Louis Farrakhan is as rabidly Antisemitic as they come, and he has openly preached Jew Hatred without apology non stop from the moment he uttered his first coherent thought. Three, whether the true percentage happens to be on the low or high end of that scale is completely inconsequential to my discussion for two reasons. First, even at the low end, they have sufficient numbers to be a real threat to the rest of humanity. Second, the other Muslims who don’t feel that way seem alarmingly disinclined to do anything at all to prevent those who do from accomplishing their goal.

Scientology requires a greater deal of thought as to why I consider this group to be a threat, especially when combined with the Nation of Islam. The people who inhabit Scientology by and large are themselves decent people who really do want to be a positive influence upon the world community at large. So how do we get to that place where combined with other well intentioned souls, they become a massively wealthy and massively ominous entity. The story itself is fascinating, and one that can suck you into spending way too much time researching if you aren’t careful to guard against it.

Let me begin by saying that I could care less what they believe, or how they disseminate those beliefs to their rank and file membership. That’s their business, and while it isn’t my cup of tea, I would never pass judgement upon the belief system of another. Scientologists insist that their auditing process helps them to lead better lives, to feel better about themselves, and to be better suited to help others, and that part is terrific. I say go for it, and get as much auditing as you can. Other religions proselytize, and while Judaism does not, I can not single out Scientology for trying to recruit others into their ranks any more than I could Mormons, Christians, Muslims, or anyone else who feels it their spiritual obligation to spread what I feel is the word of salvation as they see it. In fact, I can respect that point of view. Scientology costs a lot of money for its practitioners, which again is not my business. As long as the purchaser of their courses feels that they are receiving the value sought, how could that ever be the concern of anyone who values a free and open society?

What makes Scientology evil is not their rank and file membership, but the scam artists at the top who are running things. It is a cult, and in fact one Ivy League psychology professor has labeled them as the single most difficult cult to escape. Their tactics are as ruthless as they are effective. They have become expert at using the litigation systems of any nation where they do business. They send teams of private investigators after any and all critics. They publish information they deem to be an embarrassment to those critics in local newspapers, or in leaflets that they’ll mail to all of one’s neighbors. They’ve been known to file literally hundreds of junk law suits against one person as a form of harassment, threatened media outlets with law suits in order to kill stories critical of them, and they’ve even had the wife of their Church’s founder do hard federal time for attempting to infiltrate federal agencies and steal documents which would prove criminal allegations. One Department of Justice memo actually goes so far as to credit the Church of Scientology with having an intelligence apparatus that is superior to the CIA in terms of efficacy.

Continuing with the cult thematic, they forbid their rank and file members to even listen to anything critical of their church. The extent to which they are willing to travel down this path of censorship extends to the truly bizarre. They force families to break up, and even disconnect if it is determined that the outsider is trying to talk their loved one into leaving the ranks. Church members are forbidden from even answering a phone call from a, “suppressive person,” even if said person is their mother or father. They have been accused of kidnapping and imprisonment of those who have been exposed to critical outsiders, and this has by the way been confirmed by literally hundreds of former Scientologists who’ve since escaped. Those tools that they use to audit people for their spiritual well being are in fact rudimentary Wheatstone Bridges, which measure fluctuations in trans-dermal conductivity, (sweaty palms.) In layman’s terms, that means that they’re one third of a lie detector. Once in the church, a member is routinely security checked to see if they’ve been talking to any outsiders who may have been critical in any way, with appropriate punishments meted out for infractions of various policies. In short, Scientology is a cult because of their attempt and success in controlling the minds and actions of their rank and file membership, and not due to their purported belief system, which as far as I can see is not truly connected. Arguments about the character of L. Ron Hubbard not withstanding, There is a belief system in place that I am not comfortable debating in this context. While the whole Kurt Lewin methodology of large group manipulation was definitely part of Hubbard’s teachings to his flock, there is still enough of a belief system present extraneous of that in order to consider Scientology a viable religion.

The greater fear of course for me, is what happens when these two groups consummate their nuptials. Each has something the other wants, and individually they have enough in common that this may in fact last longer than the honeymoon, my hopes for a quickie divorce not withstanding. Scientology has proven to be the best at squeezing their parishioners for money. They are expert at controlling their rank and file to the point where their very beliefs were kept secret up to the advent of the internet. Their followers are so devout that they are willing to endure torture, sometimes for years on end, and will still refuse to be aided in any way or to even leave the control of those administering the torture. They are simply the greatest force in the world at projecting political power and pressure far in excess of their numbers, about which, any truthful estimation is also a closely guarded secret.

The Nation of Islam of course has the large membership numbers that the Scientologists crave, and in a demographic that has always eluded them. They represent new blood and new revenue streams, and a belief system that is at least compatible to the one professed. Their followers are similarly devout, to the point of becoming willing participants in nice activities such as suicide bombings. They desire the ability to manipulate masses, and to project political power far in excess of their numbers.

So, here’s the question? What will the child look like. Will we have a Scientology that also wishes to rid the world of Jews in order to achieve that state of clear for the entire world? Will we have a Nation of Islam that is suddenly adept at destroying the lives of any detractors who notice that Islamists the world over have carried out mass murder on a daily basis, utilizing the courts, media, and massive smear campaigns with the slick production values that Scientology has achieved over the years? Will the Scientologists add the more violent methodology used by the Nation of Islam to their repertoire, such as targeted assassination or suicide bombings? Will the Nation of Islam learn the finer techniques of obfuscation of their true nature while recruiting new members, only adding the elements of violent jihad and Jew hatred later on, once their new found ability to control the thoughts of their membership is irretrievably entrenched?

This is something worth keeping an eye on, and it is something to have a healthy level of respect for.

Special Note: A quick google search of Scientology and Nation of Islam will turn up about 161,000 hits. There is far too much here to simply write it off as untrue. There are videos of Farrakhan himself praising Brother Hubbard and Scientology as the wave of the future. Including this one.

Scientology embraces the Nation of Islam by zk92000

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Update: Here is a video of Louis Farrakhan praising Scientology

Louis Farrakhan praises Pat Buchanan

by Phantom Ace ( 66 Comments › )
Filed under Humor, Tranzis at April 18th, 2012 - 8:00 pm

Birds of a feather flock together. In what from afar seems like odd praise, makes sense if you analyze things. Buchanan and Farrakhan have a common enemy. They both hate Israel and support Islamic Imperialism.

Louis Farrakhan and Pat Buchanan are both bigots. It doesn’t shock me that Farrakhan respects Buchanan.

Farrakhan Threatens: People Will Kill Their Leaders In A Few Days

by Phantom Ace ( 157 Comments › )
Filed under Humor at April 16th, 2012 - 5:52 pm

Louis Farrakhan has been on a roll lately. He claims Jesus was a Black Muslim and that Jews are racists. Now he claims that people will begin killing political leaders very soon!

This has to be a comedy act.