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by Kafir ( 481 Comments › )
Filed under Afghanistan, Egypt, Germany, Israel, Links, Open thread, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia at October 7th, 2009 - 10:06 am

French gay soccer team snubbed by Muslim team
My guess is they were scared of getting beat by them.

‘American Qur’an’ blends US life, Quranic verses

German raids target ‘violent Islamic extremists’

Sociologists demand fatwa to criminalize domestic violence

If You Don’t Get Islamic Ideology, You Don’t Get the Problem in Afghanistan

Pakistan’s military concerned over US aid bill

Analysis: Can and should Israel outlaw the Islamic Movement?

Gadget to help women feign virginity angers many in Egypt

Reporting from Cairo – Whether it’s seen as a clever little gadget to help a woman keep a secret or a devilish deception that threatens Islam, the Artificial Virginity Hymen Kit is not welcome in Egypt.

The kit allows a bride who is not a virgin to pretend that she is. A pouch inserted into the vagina on her wedding night ruptures and leaks a blood-like liquid designed to trick a new husband into believing that his wife is chaste. It’s a wink of ingenuity to soothe a man’s ego and keep the dowry intact.

Diana West: Losing our way to victory

And what war would that be? Since 9/11, the answer to this question has eluded our leaders, civilian and military, but it remains the missing link to a cogent U.S. foreign policy.

It is not, as our presidents vaguely in-voke, a war against “terrorism,” “radicalism” or “extremism”; and it is not, as the current hearts-and-minds-obsessed Af-ghanistan commander calls it, “a struggle to gain the support of the (Afghan) people.” It is something more specific than presidents describe, and it is something larger than the outlines of Iraq or Afghanistan. The war that has fallen to our generation is to halt the spread of Islamic law (Sharia) in the West, whether driven by the explosive belts of violent jihad, the morality-laundering of petro-dollars or decisive demographic shifts.

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