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The Caravan: 5,000 Ragged Starving Refugees From Honduras / Guatemala Pass Through The Mexican Border On Their Way To The U.S. Unhindered

by Bunk Five Hawks X ( 170 Comments › )
Filed under Open thread, Progressives at October 22nd, 2018 - 12:01 am

“Ragged, growing caravan of migrants resumes march toward US”

That’s the AP headline, and then the AP posted pics of the reality in the same story:

Yep, there are a lotta people walking in a street. Some appear to be walking on a small platform 100 feet above. Media vans appear to be blocking the other traffic lanes that are devoid of traffic.

They have water and food and clothing.

They are not starving, and they’re not wearing rags. Some are overweight.

They’re not illiterate.

They appear to be well-fed, in good health and have trendy fitted clothing. They look no different than people walking into Disneyland, and some are morbidly obese.

Ragged wretched refuse indeed.

[Update: The invasion is apparently coming from Honduras and Guatemala, and is comprised of other nationalities.]

Mexican Zetas training in Texas Ranch

by Phantom Ace ( 37 Comments › )
Filed under Crime, Mexico, Military at May 20th, 2009 - 2:45 pm

The Mexican Drug Cartels are now operating a  training  camp on US soil.The Zetas are an arm of the Mexican Drug Cartels, many of the members are former Mexican Army members now on the Cartels pay. This is an armed foreign group operating on our soil! One word for this: Invasion!

FBI: Texas drug cell trains on own ranch

The FBI is advising law enforcement officers across the country that a Texas cell of Los Zetas — an increasingly powerful arm of the Mexican Gulf Cartel drug trafficking syndicate — has acquired a secluded ranch where it trains its members to “neutralize” competitors in the United States.

In order to ensure its share of the lucrative illegal drug trade, the cartel’s members reportedly are operating north of the border to collect debts and spy on competitors. They have also protected cocaine and heroin shipments that were bound for Houston, where they were repackaged and shipped on to Alabama, Delaware, Georgia and Michigan, according to the FBI.

The information, which was disseminated Monday to state, local and federal agencies, does not provide specifics, such as the location of the ranch, but includes a notation that the information came from reliable FBI contacts.

Trainees are reportedly taught about home invasions, firearms and ways to run vehicles off the road in order to kidnap occupants who owe drug debts.

This is beyond the FBI and Law enforcement’s scope. This is a military matter and needs to be handled as a National Security threat. Unfortunately we will not take this serious until a tragedy happens. This is a threat and we must watch these developments.