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Hollywood having a bad Summer

by Phantom Ace ( 200 Comments › )
Filed under Movies, Progressives at July 24th, 2014 - 7:00 pm

The Summer block buster season is where Hollywood gets its money for the season. The profits off these films helps funds Hollywood’s leftist propaganda films they feature the rest of the year. These Marxist themes movies tend to bomb at the Box Office, however the revenue gained from the summer films offsets the financial loses from the propaganda films that bomb at the box office.

The profits from this year’s summer are 20% to 30% off from last season. This is making Hollywood nervous since they really need the profits from the summer season to help fund their other movies the rest of the year.

Less than six weeks before Labor Day, hopes for recovery at the North American summer box office have evaporated. The season is expected to finish down 15 to 20 percent compared with 2013, the worst year-over-year decline in three decades, and revenue will struggle to crack $4 billion, which hasn’t happened in eight years. As a result, analysts predict that the full year is facing a deficit of 4 to 5 percent.

Comparisons in North America are tough, considering revenue hit a record $4.75 billion in summer 2013. It didn’t help that Fast & Furious 7 was pushed from July to April 2015 following the death of Paul Walker or that Captain America: The Winter Soldier opened in early April. But even bullish observers are grim. “Moviegoing begets moviegoing, and we have lost our momentum,” says Rentrak’s Paul Dergarabedian. “People aren’t seeing trailers and marketing materials. They still want to go to the movies — they just want to go to really good movies.”


Also contributing to the malaise is a lack of family product (including no Pixar movie), the allure of TV and myriad ways consumers can view entertainment in their homes. (Laments one studio executive, “I wish I worked at Netflix.”)


For the summer to hit $4 billion and finish down only 15 percent, revenue needs to match last year’s through August. That puts pressure on Dwayne Johnson‘s Hercules (July 25), Scarlett Johansson‘s Lucy (July 25), Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy (Aug. 1) and Paramount’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (Aug. 8). But it’s a tall order, considering last summer ended with a bang. “I don’t know if we have a major sleeper left this year, other than Guardians,” says Dergarabedian.

The only movies I have seen this summer are Godzilla, Transformers 4 and Dawn of the Planet of the Apes. I usually wait for films to get on Netflix of Blue Ray to see them. Going to the movies are becoming expensive due to ticket and concession prices.  I have to really be into a movie in order for me to go to the theater. I can imagine other Americans feel as I do.

Another factor is the economy is not a great as the media is proclaiming it is. Yes its good for Wall Street types and government workers but for the average Joe, its stagnant with lack of wage growth. It would help if Hollywood stop with their Marxist anti-American propaganda and started making good movies ahain. There is only so many remakes or sequels Hollywood could make into movies.

In Hollywood there are no Muslim terrorists

by Mojambo ( 156 Comments › )
Filed under Islam, Movies, Political Correctness, Progressives, Serbia at January 28th, 2014 - 12:00 pm

Hollywood twists itself into pretzels trying to avoid facing the fact that the physical threat to ordinary citizens of America and Europe does not  come from Christian fundamentalists, Serbian nationalists, Communist thugocracies such as Cuba, North Korea or the People’s Republic of China, or greedy capitalists, but the only religion that the Left Coast smiles upon, The Religion of Peace. When they recast the villains of  the Tom Clancy movie “The Sum of All Fears” from Arabs to “neo-Nazis” I thought maybe Charles F. Johnson was producing the film. As  the Knish points out, these movies do not make money, but as I have always maintained that is not what the industry is interested in (although of course they want to make money), they make these films in order to feel good about themselves, to get awards from each other, and to tap into the anti-American film market overseas.

by Daniel Greenfield

In real life, terrorists are almost always Muslim. In the movie theater, they are anything but. America’s fictional secret agents, covert operatives and rogue cops who play by their own rules have spent more time battling Serbian terrorists than Muslim terrorists.

Before September 11, 24′s Jack Bauer was fighting the international menace of Serbian terrorism. Serbian terrorists also showed up in 1999′s Diplomatic Siege when their “Serbian Liberation Front” took over a US embassy and in 1997′s The Peacemaker with George Clooney rushing to stop a Serb from detonating a nuke in New York City.

The United States has remained unscathed by Serbian terrorism, though the same can’t be said for Peter Weller, the star of Diplomatic Siege, and Mimi Leder, the director of The Peacemaker, but not by Muslim terrorist attacks. Despite September 11, the Fort Hood Massacre and the Boston Marathon bombings, Hollywood has resolutely kept its eye on the real threat.

Serbian terrorism.

This weekend, Ride Along, which features Ice “F___ the Police” Cube playing a cop, knocked Lone Survivor out of the top spot at the box office, and once again takes on the terrible threat of… Serbian terrorism.

When the Serbs aren’t available, the Russians have to step in. The Russians are more likely to appear as villains after the fall of the Soviet Union than during the Communist era. It’s as if the end of Soviet Communism finally set Hollywood free to join in the fun of Boris and Natasha villains without any of the guilt about red-baiting.

When Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit featured a terrorist cell in Dearborn, even though Muslims  dominate the area, the villains were shown operating out of a Russian Orthodox church and getting their cues from a priest reading the bible while the terrorists cried out, “Slava Bogu” or “Praise God.”

It would have been unrealistic to show them praising Allah instead.

Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit is the latest attempt at making a Tom Clancy movie without the Tom Clancy part. Sum of All Fears, one of the first movies about terrorism to come out after September 11, jettisoned Clancy’s Muslim villains.

Its writer Dan Pyne dismissed Islamic terrorism as a “cliche”; even though a plot can’t be a cliche when it never appears in movies, only in real life. Pyne however found a more realistic villain. “I think, there was some neo-nationalist activity in Holland, and there was stuff going on in Spain and in Italy. So it seemed like a logical and lasting idea that would be universal.”

Nothing is more universal than the threat of neo-nationalists in Holland. Dutch neo-nationalism is an enduring world menace that everyone can relate to.

The neo-nationalists of the Netherlands that Pyne had discovered were probably Pim Fortuyn’s party. Fortuyn was a Sociology professor who favored drug legalization, gay marriage and less Muslim immigration. The neo-nationalist threat of the Netherlands did not prove lasting when around the time that Sum of All Fears was playing in theaters; Fortuyn was murdered by a leftist who, like Pyne, worried about the plight of the Muslims.

In an even bigger cliche, Theo van Gogh, who had just finished directing May 6th, a movie about the assassination of Pim Fortuyn, was murdered by Mohammed Bouyeri, a Muslim immigrant from Morocco who told the victim’s mother that he could have no empathy for her because she was a non-Muslim.

It was the sort of ridiculous cliche that Dan Pyne would never have put into a script.

Instead Dan Pyne went on to write a remake of the Manchurian Candidate in which Communist China was replaced by the “Manchurian Corporation”. He’s currently working on a movie featuring a Syrian rescue worker who gets mistaken for a terrorist while trying to save lives during Hurricane Katrina.

It’s a cliche, but it’s the kind of cliche that Hollywood likes.

If a movie is made about September 11 a decade from, now, the villains will probably be Serbian nationalists. It would be a cliche to have 19 Muslim hijackers murder 3,000 people. And then the camera will linger meaningfully on a Muslim rescuer wrongly taken into custody by a bigoted NYPD cop who is overlooking the real Serbian/Dutch neo-nationalist corporate villains.

The Serbians, Russians and Netherlands neo-nationalists are only the understudies who get called in when the usual villains, right-wing extremists who want to false flag America into a war with the Muslims, are on vacation.

After 24 got done with the Serbian terror threat, it defaulted to the real threat of government warmongers trying to fake a Muslim terror threat. After 9/11, 24′s second season’s story was about an evil government conspiracy to fake a Muslim terrorist attack.  […..]

When the Serbs went on strike last year, White House Down brought in a villainous Speaker of the House with a Jewish last name to assassinate a black president in order to sabotage his treaty with Iran. The movie lost so much money that Sony blamed its quarterly $197 million loss on it.

Serbian terrorism had struck again.

When a straightforward presentation flops, Hollywood finds ways of embedding the same old message into more fantastic fare. Last summer, Iron Man 3, Star Trek Into Darkness and the Lone Ranger all had minor variations of the same story about false flag attacks that were orchestrated by governments or powerful interests connected to them.  […..]

Nowhere in all these tales of evil corporations and governments is there a movie about an entertainment industry so intertwined with government that it not only helped pick the country’s current leader, but it constantly releases propaganda films attempting to revise reality according to his worldview. That would be a cliché; much like the idea of that industry filming false flag movies depicting the favorite villains of the Clinton Administration carrying out ridiculously implausible acts of terror to retroactively justify its focus on the Serbs instead of Al Qaeda.

Hollywood stands as firmly against depicting Muslim terrorism as Hollywood Communists after the Hitler-Stalin pact did against anti-Nazi films. If they had been positioned further up the ladder back then, instead of mainly being relegated to writing scripts, we would no doubt have a catalog of movies featuring Yankee warmongers plotting to stage fake Nazi attacks on America.

Hollywood’s ideological hostility to reality however has not proven to be very profitable.

The Peacemaker, a movie written and co-produced by the Cockburns, whose politics are slightly to the left of Stalin, was the inaugural feature from the failed Spielberg-Geffen-Katzenberg Dreamworks studio and disappointed critics and audiences.  […..]

Sum of All Fears, the movie inspired by the Netherlands neo-nationalist threat, was the weakest performer of the Tom Clancy movies when accounting for ticket price inflation and full budget. And it still had a much better opening weekend than Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit.

Failure however won’t stop Hollywood from alerting the nation to the terrorist threat lurking in Orthodox Churches or the Dutch neo-nationalists trying to nuke our cities. Hollywood’s handpicked leaders were the ones who made the country vulnerable to Islamic terrorism and their industry has gone on covering up for them with movies in which the villains can be anyone and everyone except the real killers.

Read the rest –  Hollywood’s Muslim lies

IRS Targets Right leaning Hollywood groups

by Phantom Ace ( 200 Comments › )
Filed under Anarcho-Capitalism, Conservatism, Libertarianism, Tea Parties, The Political Right at January 24th, 2014 - 12:00 pm

The popular culture has been a powerful tool for the Progressive movement’s control over American society. On a daily message, the leftist message is pushed on the public. The Right due to a big tactical mistake 22 years ago, is virtually shut out of the popular culture. There are exceptions such as Duck Dynasty and it turns out there is a secretive organization for Hollywood Rightwingers.

This Hollywood Conservative/Libertarian Friends of Abe group protects its members’ identities to prevent them from being blacklisted by the Marxist dominated studios. It is clearly a threat to Progressive  dominance, hence why they are being targeted by the IRS.

LOS ANGELES — In a famously left-leaning Hollywood, where Democratic fund-raisers fill the social calendar, Friends of Abe stands out as a conservative group that bucks the prevailing political winds.

A collection of perhaps 1,500 right-leaning players in the entertainment industry, Friends of Abe keeps a low profile and fiercely protects its membership list, to avoid what it presumes would result in a sort of 21st-century blacklist, albeit on the other side of the partisan spectrum.

Now the Internal Revenue Service is reviewing the group’s activities in connection with its application for tax-exempt status. Last week, federal taxauthorities presented the group with a 10-point request for detailed information about its meetings with politicians like Paul D. Ryan, Thaddeus McCotter and Herman Cain, among other matters, according to people briefed on the inquiry.


Those people said that the application had been under review for roughly two years, and had at one point included a demand — which was not met — for enhanced access to the group’s security-protected website, which would have revealed member names. Tax experts said that an organization’s membership list is information that would not typically be required.

The real goal of the IRS investigation is to obtain the secretive list of Hollywood Righties and destroy their careers. The Obama Regime and it’s Progressive allies view the popular culture as a pillar of their power. They will do all possible to maintain this monopoly and ruin the lives of actors who are not on the Left.

Jeb “Porky” Bush blasts Matt Damon as hypocrite on public education

by Mojambo ( 12 Comments › )
Filed under Education, Headlines at August 7th, 2013 - 8:49 pm

A Hollywood liberal turns out to be a hypocrite? I am shocked! Shocked!!

by Cheryl K. Chumley

Jeb Bush, the former governor of Florida, on Tuesday sent a blistering critique of Hollywood actor Matt Damon’s decision to school his three children at a private facility, not public: You’re such a hypocrite.

Mr. Damon did, after all, campaign very publicly about the importance of public education, Mr. Bush pointed out, Newsmax reported.

On Monday, Mr. Bush tweeted: “Matt Damon refuses to enroll kids in Los Angeles public schools. Choice ok for Damon, why not everyone else?”

The Twitter query came just a few days after the Hollywood actor, during an interview with a reporter from The Guardian, said his three children would be heading off to a private school in the L.A. area — not public.

“Sending our kids in my family to private school was a big, big, big deal,” he said, Newsmax reported. “And it was a giant family discussion. But it was a circular conversation, really, because ultimately we don’t have a choice. I mean, I pay for a private education, and I’m trying to get the one that most matches the public education that I had, but that kind of progressive education no longer exists in the public system. It’s unfair.”

That’s quite a morphing from 2011 when Mr. Damon — the son of a teacher — spoke at a Save Our Schools rally.

YouTube recorded him saying then: “From the time I was in kindergarten … all the way through my high school graduation, I attended public schools. And I would not trade that education, that experience, for anything. I had incredible teachers.”

Mr. Damon was just in the news for comments he made during this same interview with the British newspaper in which he suggested that President Obama was being bullied by political opponents into making policy decisions he doesn’t really want — and that he should be granted some leeway on the public relations front.